Family Med. School: FUNdamentals

Interested in a medicine and anatomy? Get hands-on experience with researchers from anatomy and physiology experts. Each of our four sessions will explore a different body system. Join us for discussions involving medically important disease prevention and ways to stay healthy! This is a great mentoring and fact-finding mission for adolescents with a casual interest in the field or to test the waters of a medical career. Ideal for parents and their children, 5th grade and over.


  • Aug. 20th - Heart and Cardiovascular system
  • Sept. 24th - Lungs and Respiratory System
  • Oct. 15th - Digestive System
  • Nov. 19th - Brain and Nervous System




Life Science Lab, First Level, Saint Louis Science Center


$16 per person members

$18 per person nonmembers

For all 4 sessions- $60 per person for member

For all 4 sessions - $65 per person for nonmembers

Reservations: To reserve your tickets, please call our Public Programs Department at 314.289.4439. For more information, please call 314.289.4430. Parents are required to register to participate with their children.