Experience the science and technology behind exploring the red planet by visiting our Mission: Mars exhibit.  Developed by the Saint Louis Science Center in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis and NASA, this unique exhibit has two parts. 

Mission Control is in the Saint Louis Science Center’s main building (5050 Oakland) and allows guests to experience current day exploration by assuming the role of an engineer at a NASA Lab, designing and building a robotic rover to explore Mars.  Here guests have the opportunity to program a rover and experience the challenges of driving it in a simulated time delay, while seeing Mars from the perspective of a rover.

Mission Base takes you into the future of Mars exploration.  This portion resembles a realistic work environment on Mars in the year 2076.  Taking on the role of an astronaut living on Mars, visitors will be able to perform science operations at key locations on the planet, using a rover much like the one used on Mars now. The exhibit features two specially designed rovers, Intrepid and Adventure.