First Friday at the Saint Louis Science Center

The Truth Is Out There

February 5, 2016 

Explore and celebrate the fascination with aliens and the supernatural!

Unless otherwise noted, all activities are free. Free parking on First Fridays! All items marked with a TR require tickets. Tickets for free screenings and presentations available at any box office, starting at 6pm.  


9pm     Supernatural episodes, double feature– FREE!  TR                                  Planetarium/2

            “Two Minutes to Midnight” (2010, 60 minutes) and “Swan Song” (2010, 60 minutes)           

10pm  The X-Files (1998, 121 minutes)FREE! TR                                                            OMNI/2 


7pm  The Rubens Tube plays Supernatural’s Greatest Hits                              Center Stage/LL

7pm     Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight                                                               Planetarium/2

8pm     Loving the Alien: Exposing the Secret History of The X-Files Phenomenon   OMNI/2

            Special presentation with Dr. Dan Yezbick FREE! TR

8pm     Planetarium Show: Seeking New Earths 


6-9pm   Play alien and supernatural-themed games with Game Nite.             T.Rex Room/LL                       

7pm       First Friday Trivia with Guest Host Max Foizey – limited seating; sign up in The Loft.   The Loft/2 



See if you can find the truth in the Alien Quest – pick up instructions in the Planetarium and Main Building lobbies.

Delight in a display of X-Files memorabilia.

Check out Supernatural and sci-fi-themed crafts from More Me Know and Hand-painted Nerd.

Explore infamous internet reports about alien activity with UMSL’s Technology Learning Center.

Snap a selfie in Agent Mulder’s office.

Take a paranormal puzzle challenge with Escape from St. Louis.

Help Kawa Kon perform an alien autopsy.

Keep an eye out for the Ghostbusters.

Geta massage with Wellness Choice

Check out Plan a Planet and Alien Chemistry in the Life Science Lab. 

Try out the latest games from local game developers (Axol Studio, Ninjevade, Play Likely, Studio 202 Games, Volcano Bean).

Hear more about plans for ARCHON.

Find out what’s going on in Build-a-Dino. 


Learn more about Gateway Geek Fest, Anime St. Louis, and Extra Life.                  The Loft/2

Visit Arch Reactor, St. Louis’ hacker space, to explore things not always

visible to the naked eye.                                                                                 Makerspace/2

Design and build a UFO.                                                                                          Makerspace/2

Work with robots from ROBOMO.                                                                            Makerspace/2

Build your own video game with Pixel Press.                                                           Makerspace/2 


Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators – $5 and $7

Public Telescope Viewing – weather permitting (Archery Field)

Explore the universe with the St. Louis Space Frontier and Cosmoquest.                                   

SPECIAL EXHIBITION -- Last entry at 8pm

Tour the new special exhibition, Above and Beyond – the ultimate flight exhibition. Boeing Hall/1

Special First Friday rate! $5 for adults and $4 for children. $ TR  


Answers to Your First Fridays’ Questions  

Tell me more about tonight’s special presentation, Loving the Alien: Exposing the Secret History of the X-Files Phenomenon

Calling all Agents! Join Dr. Daniel Yezbick, Professor of English and Communication at St. Louis Community College – Wildwood, for a highly classified briefing on The X-Files' unique origins. Learn about its ever-expanding universe of interstellar conspiracies, its most influential and enigmatic episodes, and its continuing impact on multiple audiences and fan cultures. Open to all flukemen, UFOs, Chupacabras, and Lone Gunmen, as well as everybody else! 

How does First Fridays’ Trivia work?

To play, register as an individual or with a team at The Loft. We can accommodate up to 15 teams. There will be five rounds of trivia, with five questions each round. Prizes for the winners of each round!

How do I get free tickets for the Planetarium Show, special presentation, 9pm episodes and 10pm movie?

Get your tickets at any box office, starting at 6pm. Tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each person is allowed up to four tickets for your group. Once you have a ticket, you must be in the theater by showtime to claim your seat. If all tickets have been given out, visitors can wait in the stand-by line.  At showtime, we will let people waiting in the stand-by line into the theater, to fill all empty seats.  

Plan to attend these upcoming First Fridays! 

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