The Saint Louis Science Center Active Creativity Initiative is a network of actively creative people in our region, including hackers, visual artists, do-it-yourselfers, actors, crafters, game developers, and makers, to name a few.

On Saturday, June 7 from 10am to 4pm the Active Creativity Initiative network will host The Bright Ideas Expo: Showcasing St. Louis Creativity at the Saint Louis Science Center.

The Expo will highlight the great creative minds in the region, their amazing work and the creative process each person takes along the way.  This will give visitors an opportunity to participate in this process. It’s a chance to get an inside look at the creative process where you can delve into the work of local game developers, visual artists, performers, crafters and tech visionaries.

Bright Ideas Expo - Saturday, June 7

10am - 4pm

WORKSHOPS (No pre-registration required. Come on Saturday and join our workshops!)

Life Science Lab (1st Floor)

  • 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm: Introducing Arduino: A Jumpstart to Programming Your Surroundings, presented by Arch Reactor Education

May Hall (Lower Level)

  • 11:30am: Creating Themed Games, presented by Kawa Kon
  • 1:30pm: Draw Your Own Video Game, presented by Pixel Press


CenterStage (Lower Level)

  • 11am: One-Hour Video Game: A Demonstration in Rapid Prototyping, presented by Happy Badger Studio
  • 12pm: The Art and Science of Improv, presented by The Improv Shop
  • 1pm: Experimenting in Art, presented by Brett Williams
  • 2pm: The Properties of Soap and the Process of Saponification, presented by Belle Journee
  • 3pm: Creating a Social Network for Currency, presented by Zipline 

AB Classroom (Lower Level)

  • 3D Video Projection Mapping, Radiant Studio Words, presented by Storytelling in Sound, Damon Davis - Sound Artist


First Floor

  • Techies, Tinkers, Free Thinkers, Arch Reactor
  • Modern Quilting: Interactive Improv, St. Louis Folk Victorian
  • Fandom Pictionary, Kawa Kon
  • Show Us Your Bright Idea!, Saint Louis Science Center Maker Space 
  • Soap Making, Belle Journee
  • Anyone Can Draw, Handmade Family
  • Redesign Station, Perennial
  • Mobile Money, Zipline
  • Interactive Storytelling, Activate STL
  • Violin Making, Geoffrey Seitz- Violinmaker
  • Playing with Impossibilities, Zi Wang - Magician/Mentalist
  • Repurposing neckties, found hardware and reclaimed wood for utility and art, Suzanne Shenkman Designs
  • Dawn of the Robotic Age, ROBOMO
  • Toy making, Riley Construction
  • 3D Printing, Rocca Productions