You can find our Ira & Judy Gall Amazing Science Demonstrations at CenterStage, located on the lower level. These fun and interactive shows have different themes every hour! Please check at CenterStage to see the schedule of demonstrations the day of your visit.

Demonstrations include:

Hidden Potential

Explore the science of energy. See how hidden sources of energy are all around you!

What the Speck is Nanotech?

How tiny is the nanoscale? What do things at the nanoscale look like? Have you used something with nanotechnology in it? Come explore the answers to these questions and more in this fun, free demonstration!

Cool, It's Cryogenic

Watch a dramatic demonstration of the amazing properties of liquid nitrogen.

Light Speed Ahead

Explore the amazing abilities of ordinary light! Learn about reflection, refraction, diffraction, and color.

Science Goes Splat

We test the theory of gravity by dropping objects from a window three stories above the stage! Make observations and predictions as we observe how different objects fall.

Boiling Hot, Boiling Cold

Examine the dramatic differences and striking similarities between two boiling liquids: water and liquid nitrogen.