App Review: Cut the Rope (Free)

cut the rope review by the saint louis science centerDeveloper: ZeptoLab

Price: free

Recommended age: 5+

Release Date: 10/05/10

Version Reviewed: 2.2.2

Compatibility: Universal


Meet Om Nom, an adorable green monster with a major sweet tooth! Help satisfy his cravings by cutting various ropes that hang pieces of candy in the air. Players must use problem-solving skills and logic to determine exactly how to cut the rope and drop the candy into Om Nom’s mouth. Watch out for obstacles such as spikes and spiders that threaten Om Nom’s candy!

Game Breakdown

The free version of Cut the Rope contains two categories with nine levels each. Every individual level offers bonus stars that players can collect to unlock new levels. Helpful tips periodically appear to help guide players along. Players must use trial and error method to feed Om Nom and advance to the next level. Successes can be shared through Twitter and Facebook. Frequent pop-up ads prompt players to buy the full version.

Where’s the Science?

Players use critical thinking skills and logic to cut the dangling rope and retrieve the candy. Each level can be solved in multiple ways, which encourages players to experiment to arrive at the best solution. In Cut the Rope, failing a level is not necessarily a failure, it just provides another opportunity to try something new. Players will learn physics and how different objects are affected by gravity and motion.

cut the rope review by the saint louis science centercut the rope review by the saint louis science centercut the rope review by the saint louis science center

The Bottom Line

ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope presents a lovable monster and engages players to experiment during gameplay. Basic functions allow younger players to focus on simply retrieving the candy, while older players are challenged to manipulate ropes to collect bonus stars. The full version is available for $0.99 and further introduces the concepts of pulleys and force.

Looking for More Fun?

Two sequels to this game, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel, feature extra levels, different science concepts, and more of your favorite monster Om Nom! Want to bring the lessons of the game to real life? Conduct an experiment at home! Tie objects of different weight to a piece of string and observe how each item is affected by gravity and motion.

SLSC SAYS: This visually stimulating game encourages players to re-play levels and test which method brings the best outcome. Cut the Rope is a must-have!


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Written by Kellyn, Communications

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