Your Guide to April First Friday at the Science Center

It all started with Star Trek: The Exhibition. Star Trek has a HUGE following and our sci-fi obsessed visitors wanted to gather together all in one place and geek out over their shared love of Star Trek. Thus, First Fridays at the Science Center came into existence. Trekkies showed up month after month while we had the exhibition to take part in special Star Trek activities designed specifically for adults.

The feedback from our Star Trek First Fridays was great! Adults loved being able to take-in all that the Science Center had to offer with fewer kids running around. After Star Trek: The Exhibition left, we continued staying open late for First Fridays. We tinkered with the formatting and tested different ideas and concepts to see what First Fridays could be after Star Trek.

We are happy to say that First Fridays has evolved into a laid back evening, allowing for science and sci-fi fans to gather and dive a little deeper into the science behind their favorite science fiction topics. We have some staples that you can expect at every First Friday.

First Friday Favorites:

  • Free Public Telescope Viewing: We team up with the St. Louis Astronomical Society to host a free public star party on the first Friday of every month. To get the most out of the Public Telescope viewing, attend the free “The Sky Tonight” Planetarium Show at 7pm. In the show, you will learn about what stars and deep space objects are visible in the sky that night over St. Louis. This helps prepare you for the outside telescope experience.
  • Free Sci-fi Film at 10pm in the OMNIMAX ® Theater: We always show a free sci-fi film in the OMNIMAX Theater at 10pm on First Fridays. Many of the extra activities you will encounter earlier in the evening will be tied to this film. The film is usually either a staff pick or determined by a Facebook vote! You can snag your tickets to the night’s film from the Box Office starting at 6pm on First Fridays. Space is limited, so the earlier you can get your tickets the better.
  • Free Parking: Need I say more?
  • Special First Friday Prices: We always have special First Friday rates for OMNIMAX films and even special rates when we have a special exhibition.

First Fridays; Aliens and Astronauts at the Saint Louis Science CenterThis April, we are trying out some new ideas for First Friday. April happens to be the 50th anniversary month of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and around here that happens to be a big deal! We are Planetarium fanatics. So, April First Friday will be the kickoff event to our month long celebration of the Planetarium. The theme for the night is Aliens and Astronauts, perfect for piloting some new First Friday features.

Check this out in April:

  • Team Trivia: We have been itching to incorporate team style trivia into First Fridays and this April will be our first go at it. From 7 to 8pm, we will host First Fridays Trivia in The Loft on the Second Floor.  Seating will be limited in this area, so arrive a little early if you want to get in on the action. Your team can order whole pizzas from EZ Pizza (trust me it’s worth it!) and take advantage of the cash bar conveniently located right next to the trivia area. This month, First Fridays Trivia will consist of 5 rounds with 5 questions each and an additional bonus question for each round. We will award a prize to the winning team following each round. Topics include: 1)Alien Encounters: Searching for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life, 2) To Infinity and Beyond! Astronauts in Film, 3) Astronauts: Exploring the Final Frontier, 4) Alien Identification, 5) Space Jams
  • Science Café: Science Cafés are not new, but we usually have them in a setting separate from the Science Center. If you are really interested in the theme of the night and want to dive a little deeper into the science behind interstellar travel, you don’t want to miss Gregg Maryniak’s informal presentation, Starships, Worldships and Interstellar Nomads. This Science Café will take place at 8pm in The Loft on the Second Floor. Be sure to get your food and drinks early so that you don’t have to miss any parts of the discussion!
  • Alien (1979) in the OMNIMAX Theater: Remember that free sci-fi film at 10pm I was telling you about earlier? Well our Facebook fans voted and they want to see Alien! This film is R-rated, so please keep that in mind when determining whether or not to get tickets for the film. Don’t forget that you can start getting your tickets from the Box Office at 6pm that night.

So there you have it! A guide to First Fridays in general and a closer look at what will be new for April. You can check out our full schedule for the April First Friday here. We aim to please, so let us know what you think about the new components of trivia and a Science Café. Also, we would love to hear your suggestions for sci-fi topics that you would like to see covered on a First Friday. Let us know by voicing your opinion in the comment section below.

On the docket for First Friday in May will be a Star Trek vs. Star Wars theme. Oh yes, we are totally going there.

Written by Staci, Communications

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