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Paul Freiling, Engineering and Technology Education at the Saint Louis Science Center

Paul Freiling, Engineering and Technology Education Coordinator

What is your favorite part about working at the Science Center?

My position at the Science Center has allowed me to serve as the Regional Director for FIRST ® Robotics in the St. Louis Region. I have the amazing job of inspiring youth and adults alike to participate in engineering and technology activities.

What types of activities are you involved in?

Through my work at the Science Center and FIRST Robotics, I have been able to develop engineering and robotics demonstrations, summer camps and events like Engineering Career Day. Additionally, I have the honor of serving on the Saint Louis FIRST Robotics Planning Committee which plans and supports year-round FIRST Robotics activities in St. Louis including the FIRST Robotics Competition.

What are your five must-do activities at the Science Center?

  • Programa LEGO® MINDSTORMSrobot in Cyberville™. I love programming a LEGO Robot to compete in a robotic competition because it is both challenging and fun. The best part is that you not only gain valuable programming and robotics knowledge but teamwork and problem solving skills as well. 
  • Visit the Structures Gallery. You can learn about how monuments and buildings are constructed. For me the highlight of Structures is building St. Louis’ famous Gateway Arch and learning firsthand what makes it so stable.
  • Catch an OMNIMAX® film. Seeing great educational movies on a four-story domed screen is an experience like no other! Watching an OMNIMAX movie is truly an immersive and breathtaking experience.
  • Build a giant Carbon Nanotube at the Nano Exhibit on the Lower Level. Working together with your friends and family to build a giant model of a tiny structure called a carbon nanotube (that in real life is too small to see) is a lot fun. While building, you can learn how carbon atoms are arranged in a nanotube and that nanotubes are extremely strong.
  • Unearth a dinosaur fossil in the Dig Site. The Dig Site is one of my favorite areas of the Ecology and Environment Gallery. The coolest thing about the fossils that you find in the Dig Site is that they are casts of actual fossils found by participants in the Science Center’s Paleotrek Travel Program.

Written by Danielle, Education

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