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NASA App reviewDeveloper: NASA Ames Research Center    

Price: Free

Recommended age: 7+

Release Date: 10/22/09

Version Reviewed: 3.12

Compatibility: Universal


Blast off into a world of knowledge with this free educational app from NASA! Learn from NASA experts about current and previous missions, track orbits, and stream live NASA television. With nine categories full of interesting facts, transport yourself to another galaxy of information that is updated daily.

App Breakdown

With the NASA app, you can view images from space, watch interviews with astronauts, and even listen to NASA’s public radio station! Each of the nine sections breaks down into specific categories.

1.  Missions: This section displays a calendar of launch schedules and sighting opportunities based on your current location. View previous missions and specifics, such as a summary of the space craft and goals of the mission.

2.  Images: View crystal-clear pictures of outer space and click the “i” in the corner to read background information on each photo. You have the option to favorite, email, tweet or share the picture through Facebook. With new pictures added daily, you have more than 11,000 to choose from!

3. Videos: A wide range of videos are available on the NASA app. From interviews with current astronauts in space to “This week at NASA,” a video that features the happenings at each of the different centers. Share your favorite videos through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

4.  Tweets: Access a live stream of tweets from NASA officials. Some astronauts even update from space!

5.  TV and Radio: In this section, watch NASA television and see upcoming scheduled programs. Tune into NASA’s alternative rock radio station, 3rd Rock Radio, which plays music and conducts interviews with astronomy experts.

6.  News and Features: Over 2,000 stories are available at your fingertips! Read about Hubble updates, reports on current missions, and feature stories such as “Women in Space.”

7.  Centers: When you select this category, a map of the United States pops up with locations of NASA centers. Using location technology, observe the closest center to you!

8.  Featured: This category is dedicated to one particular subject: Year of the Solar System. You can flip through text and pictures explaining facts about the solar system (in layman’s terms!) and learn about a particular mission that correlates to each fact.

9.  Program: NASA’s Launch Services Program oversees launch operations and countdown management of past, present, and future missions. In this section, receive launch service updates weekly.

Review of the NASA appReview of the NASA appReview of the NASA app

The Bottom Line

This app provides more than enough information on the U.S. space program and astronomy to last a lifetime! Easily broken down into specific categories, the NASA app is user-friendly and engaging. The information is presented in entertaining and diverse ways through text, photos, and videos. Because it is jam-packed with information, younger users may require some guidance when using the NASA app.

Looking for More Fun?

To continue your lesson on astronomy, blast off to the James S. McDonnell Planetarium here at the Science Center. Learn more about space travel and experience an astronaut’s daily life on the International Space Station.

SLSC SAYS: The NASA app offers knowledge that is out of this world! Science lovers, get ready for takeoff!


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