Interns step into the professional world at the Science Center

School’s out and the Science Center is in! Thanks to our summer interns, we are ready to exceed visitors’ expectations during our busiest months of the year.

Non-profit organizations are constantly working to show how they benefit the community. Offering internships is one of the best opportunities to do that. The Science Center gets enthusiastic helpers for daily operations and special projects. The interns get a chance to develop their professional skills and find out what jobs are the best fits for them. And the community gets access to a more highly trained and qualified workforce.

Should we call it a win-win-win?

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, a biochemistry major at University of Missouri-St. Louis, is an intern in membership services this summer.

Elizabeth performs a variety of tasks as a Mambership Services Intern

“I’ve always had a love for the Science Center and I always wanted to get involved. This is the place that sparked my interest in science,” says Elizabeth.

Like Elizabeth, most interns are young professionals preparing to enter the workforce.  This year, we have 25 college student interns, plus 59 high school students who are participating in the Junior Interns program. All interns are assisting throughout the Science Center, working in the offices, doing Amazing Science Demonstrations, welcoming visitors, prepping in the Life Science Lab, and more.

Thanks to generous support from the U.S. Bank Foundation, the Science Center is able to offer a few paid internships each year. Paid internships double the benefits for all concerned. Employers are able to access a broader range of talent, and interns get compensated for their work.

If you are interested in learning more about internships at the Science Center, visit our internship page.

Written by Dana, Development

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