App Review: Weird but True! (Free)

Developer: National Geographic Society      

Price: Free

Recommended age: 7+

Release Date: 08/24/11

Version Reviewed: 2.0.4

Compatibility: Apple Products


Did you know ketchup was originally sold as medicine? Or that an elephant’s tooth can weigh as much as a bowling ball? It’s weird… but true! No, really, National Geographic’s Weird but True mobile app lets you discover wacky information about science and learn strange statistics. Rate each fact on the Weird-o-Meter, and check back daily for newly added facts!

App Breakdown

This app offers one free package of facts, while additional packs are available to purchase through the Apple store. The free starter pack contains 25 facts that can be viewed individually by swiping or shaking the device from side to side. Each fact has visually stimulating text fonts, funny sound effects, and entertaining graphics. Once you have viewed the fact, choose from five buttons on the right-hand side.

  • The top button simply triggers various images of animals to pop up on the screen and say “That’s weird!” Younger players will giggle at the laughing monkeys and shocked alligators.
  • Tap the heart icon to indicate that this fact is one of your favorites. It will be stored in a special area.
  • The Weird-o-Meter lets you rate the fact on a scale ranging from “Duh!” to “Totally Outrageous.”
  • A fourth button allows you to share the fact through email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Push the bottom button to return to the home menu.

While browsing facts, be careful of hidden costs as frequent pop-up advertisements encourage you to purchase more info packs.

Weird but True! App Review by the Saint Louis Science Center Weird but True! App review by the Saint Louis Science Center


The Bottom Line

Users of all ages will be intrigued by the facts provided in Weird but True. This app is visually engaging and could excite anyone’s mind. However, the app does not offer sources or explanations for the information, which raises some doubt to the validity of each fact.

Looking for More Fun?

Head to your local library and check out hundreds of strange facts in National Geographic’s Weird but True book. Or, you could put on your lab coat and conduct research to prove the facts are real. Visit the Science Center to learn more about astronomy, biology, and other sciences!

SLSC SAYS: Curiosity will be sparked, minds will be opened, and eyes will be permanently widened with these surprising facts! You’ll never have a dull conversation again.

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