App Review: Where’s My Water? (Free)

Developer: Disney 

Price: Free

Recommended age: 6+

Release Date: 12/19/11

Version Reviewed: 1.8.0

Compatibility: Universal


Swampy isn’t your typical alligator. Living deep below the city in a drain, Swampy is friendly and prefers to be clean. The other alligators have damaged the pipes, and Swampy needs your help to fix the water flow to his shower! Swipe away mud and grime to figure out the puzzle and create a clear path for water to Swampy’s bath tub. Watch out for increasing amounts of algae, poison and ooze threatening Swampy’s shower!

Game Breakdown

The free version of Where’s My Water? offers three different categories (“Meet Swampy,” “Troubled Waters,” and “Under Pressure”) each with five levels to complete. In these levels, players encounter the opportunity to collect rubber ducks and hidden items, such as “Shiny Scale Shampoo.” By supplying enough water to Swampy’s shower, players advance to the next level.

Where’s the Science?

Players use problem-solving skills and logic to construct a clear pathway for water and avoid obstacles, such as toxic goo and time bombs. Where’s My Water?  challenges players to think critically and apply scientific concepts, such as gravity and spatial recognition. Players must redirect water flow by creating paths and bouncing water off of various surfaces. The creative storyline, upbeat sound track and visual presentation engage the player.


The Bottom Line

Disney’s Where’s My Water? features an enjoyable storyline with underlying science lessons. The full version, containing over 200 levels, can be purchased for $0.99. In this version, players learn about the states of matter as they determine the different properties of steam, water, and ice.

Looking for More Free Fun?

Where’s My Perry? is a perfect complement to Where’s My Water? and is also offered in a full version for $0.99. This game is centered on Perry the Platypus, a popular character from Disney Channel’s hit television series Phineas and Ferb.  Players must solve puzzles and divert water flow to operate Perry’s elevator.

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Written by Kellyn, Communications

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