World-renowned Paleontologist Visits the Science Center

Dr. Burnham visits the Saint Louis Science Center

Last week, the Ecology and Environment gallery had a special visitor: world-renowned paleontologist and friend of the Science Center, Dr. David Burnham.  We were anticipating Dr. Burnham’s visit, because it would be the first time he would see and analyze the T-Rex jaw fondly called “Woody” by staff, found in 2010 during the Science Center’s Paleotrek program in Montana.

Dr. Burnham drove all the way from the University of Kansas, where he conducts research and holds the position of state paleontologist, just to see the repaired T-Rex jaw for the first time in 3 years. And to say he was impressed would be an understatement! We were all elated to hear his awe over the fossil, and his reaction was even filmed to be part of the “Woody” display in the exhibit bit.

Dr. Burnham confirmed that the “Woody’ , named after the Science Center volunteer who found the fossil, was a fairly young T-Rex at about 14 years old. He was also impressed by the numerous teeth still embedded in the jaw bone, revealing that this dinosaur was constantly regenerating his massive teeth.  You wouldn’t want those teeth chasing after you!        

Keep your eyes peeled for the video of Dr. Burnham… it will be added to T-Rex skull display by Center Stage very soon!

Written by Grace, Earth Sciences Educator

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