YES Teens Sound Off on Why STEM Knowledge is Important

YES teens group photo
YES teens smile for the camera!

At the Saint Louis Science Center, we work with high school students in our Youth Exploring Science (YES) program to ignite and stustain lifelong science literacy. These teenagers work regularly with subjects in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to prepare themselves for important careers in the future. We asked these teens why they thought STEM knowledge was important for everyone -- professional scientists and average citizens -- and this is the list of reasons they came up with.

  • Individuals can explore different myths in science, explain why they are myths, and have the opportunity to correct them.
  • Different STEM fields work together to create an overall better knowledge.
  • The idea of STEM means that all parts of science come together to tell us about the world.
  • STEM is an important part of schoolwork and will get you into a good college.
  • Being familiar with STEM is necessary to be successful in a creative world.
  • Knowing STEM helps individuals to better themselves and their world.
  • STEM is a way of life, we use it everyday.
  • The fields of STEM help people understand all fields better.
  • Knowledge of STEM is necessary to get into good schools, obtain scholarships, and get good careers.

You can learn more about the YES program and follow the YES teens as they learn by visiting

 Written by Colin, Community Science



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