• Birthday Party Ambassador
  • Small private space for your event
  • (5) Parking Passes and $2 off Parking Passes for any additional cars
  • Your Choice of Science Center Program
  • Pizza Lunch Menu: Pepperoni and Cheese
  • Themed Cake
  • Lemonade and Water
  • Disposable ware
  • up to 20 Kids


Paleo Preschool: is the perfect program for your young learners interested in dinosaurs! Unique sessions feature the Fossil Prep Lab and Dig Site where children can view real fossils and dig for casts made from real fossils. Science Center staff guide young paleontologists as they learn about different dinosaur features, such as teeth or claws. Appropriate for children ages three to five years old.

Dino Dinner: Ever wonder what dinosaurs ate for dinner? Before you eat birthday cake have your children join Science Center staff as we explore dinosaur dinner menus and how their teeth were adapted to specific meals. You will even make your own cast of a real dinosaur tooth! Appropriate for grades 3-5.

Creepy Chemistry: This series of spooky experiments will definitely get ooohs and ahhs. We’ll explore a variety of chemistry experiments including fun with fire, expanding lunch bags and rapid decomposition. We’ll end it all with a bang!

It’s a Blast!: This is the show you’ve always asked for! A chemistry show that explores a very specific type of exothermic reaction – Fire! Through surprising experiments discover the basic needs of fire and witness some loud, bright and colorful demonstrations that are sure to spark excitement.

Now Hear This: Most people know what sound is, but how does sound work? We’ll get things shaking to explore sound energy and find out some unusual ways we can make noise. We’ll learn about frequency, waves and pitch through fun demonstrations. You’ll hear singing goblets, screaming metal rods and find out if we can figure out a way to see sound.

Icky Sticky Science: The fun hands-on activities will build an interest in science, increase understanding of science concepts and develop process skills. Discussions may include oobleck, slime, silly putty, pop rockets and more. For older participants, discussion may include difference in types of polymers, plastics, and recycling. Participants will keep their own hand-made polymer or mixture.

Discovery Room: Designed for ages 1 and up, the Discovery Room is filled with science toys that promote learning through play. Children can construct a marble track, race cars down the ramp, create a river in the water table, play with musical instruments, and pretend to be a Native American, astronaut, or doctor. Children can also observe live fish, frogs, an axolotl, and even hold a Rainforest Cockroach!


  • Space, Science Lab, Dinosaur, General Boy Birthday or General Girl Birthday
  • Chocolate or Yellow


  • Party decorations are not included, however you may bring in your own.
  • Balloons are strictly prohibited
  • Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. Party must be paid in full prior to event. Menu selections, programming, cake theme and party add-ons must be chosen two weeks prior to your event.
  • Birthday parties are held rain or shine
  • One adult is required for every 4 children in attendance
  • Birthday party reservations include up to (2) hours in your private event space, this must include setup
  • If you would like to purchase additional hours, please ask for details.
  • If you have more than 20 guests, please ask for additional pricing / guest.


  • House Baked Cookie Tray, serves up to 20 guests, $20 per tray
  • Starlite Cup Snack Mix, serves up to 20 guests, $18 per order
  • Lemonade or Iced Tea, yields 16 cups / gallon, $15 per gallon
  • Assorted bottled Pepsi Cans, $1.50 per can

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