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Mysteries of China

Discover the Mysteries of China at the OMNIMAX Theater beginning October 14. Experience one of the greatest archeological events of modern day: the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors and the First Emperor's tomb. This film takes us back 2,000 years, revealing the underlying story of how this superpower came to be. 

Extreme Weather

Weather has always been one of the most dynamic and complex forces shaping our planet, but now it's intensifying in varied and complex ways. Extreme Weather takes us to the frontlines where few have gone.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Who will build the amazing future of the human race?  That question sparks a giant-screen adventure unlike any other in DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World, an epically fun tour of inspiration through the visionary advances made by yesterday’s, today’s – and most thrillingly of all, tomorrow’s – engineers.  

The Discovery of King Tut

Remarkable Reproductions of Over 1,000 Objects Provide an Unprecedented Opportunity to Experience the Most Remarkable Discovery of the 20th Century. Walk in the footsteps of archeologist Howard Carter and experince the tomb and all its treasure as they were at the moment of discovery.