Can't visit the Science Center? We will bring the science to you! View the available programs from the list below.

To schedule a program or for more information, please call 314.289.1414.

Professional Development

Character Development Professional Development- This professional development will help teachers teach their students how to effectively communicate with other students and adults.  Teachers will learn how to implement tools such as "I" statements, being attentive, and how to ask open ended non- judgmental questions to gather information. Students will also learn their strengths and weaknesses, systems and how to sustain themselves in an ever changing society.

Circuits Inquiry Professional Development- Teachers will learn how to implement inquiry-based methods throughout their science curriculum and in many other subjects.  This intense training will adequately prepare teachers to employ critical thinking skills for their students.

Customizable Professional Development- Tailor your Professional Development to a certain area of interest in Science and Math.

Family Programming

Family Math Night - Families can enjoy 2 hours of "unintimidating" math activities, while students are able to learn new ways to view math skills used in their class.
COST: $700/2 hours

Family Science Night - Families can enjoy inquiry-based table top activities that will reinforce concepts learned in science class. Unisphere* (Portable Planetarium) can be added. School will provide the volunteers.


Activities Offered 1 1/2 Hours  
2 Hours
5 Tabletop Inquiry Stations (Volunteer Facilitated) $350 $450
10 Tabletop Inquiry Stations (Volunteer Facilitated) $700 $875
Add Unisphere to Table Top Inquiry Stations (30 minute sessions) $300 $375
Afterschool and Classroom Programs

Science of Sound - Students will make a custom instrument from recycled materials while learning about how music flows in waves. This class can be done in conjunction with the Saint Louis Symphony or stand-alone. This program can be customized to focus on various aspects of sound.
Cost: $250/30 kids

Unisphere* - These star-studded programs dazzle participants by bringing the stars and constellations indoors during the daytime. The wonders of the night sky are introduced in the Unisphere, a portable planetarium. An air-conditioned room (in hot weather), away from traffic and noise, and one grounded outlet are required.
Room Size Requirements: 30'x30'x12' for a group of up to 30 participants and 36'x36'x20 for a group of up to 60 participants.
Program Options:

  • Unisphere: Space, The Final Frontier - Identify seasonal constellations, differentiate stars from planets and explore other astronomical phenomena ni this spaced-out show!
  • Unisphere: Stellar Stories, Legends & Lore - Stargaze while the night sky heroes and legends from different cultures around the world are immortalized. Featuring lore from African, Native American and Greek cultures.

Shark Dissection - Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of a shark while dissecting the shark's body. They will learn how the shark sleeps, eats and possible view the remnants of the shark's stomach.

Afterschool and Customized Programming

All of our programs can be customized for your classroom needs. All classes will meet and exceed Missouri Common Core Standards.

Coming January 2014

Life cycles of an African Clawed Frog- Students will be able to see firsthand how a tadpole metamorphically changes into a frog.  Classrooms will be supplied with the tadpoles and lesson plans that will highlight what is taking place during this life cycle.  Students will also learn the unique characteristics of this frog. 
COST: $250 for 2-4 tadpoles and lesson plans.

Aquaponic Systems:  Aquaponic and Aeroponics are the new craze in Science and Urban Farming.  This system is great tool for students to see the life cycle of plants take place before their very own eyes. Students will also learn chemistry, botany, life science all in one kit.
COST: Starting at $250 for one class kit.