The Saint Louis Science Center has teamed up with leading science centers from around the country, GE and National Geographic to develop CONNECT! Transform the Future, a new type of national collaboration with the goal to engage, enlighten and educate students about the future of energy.

The CONNECT! Transform the Future Partners, with the help of education experts, scientists and technical advisors have developed a portfolio of media and outreach resources that can be integrated with each science center’s unique experiences and programs.  Some of the resources we are bringing to the St. Louis community:

  • A portfolio of education materials developed by National Geographic Education that feature a wide range of energy topics, media and resources for formal and informal educators alike.
  • Plan it Green, The Big Switch, a cool online game that allows players to design and create their own energy-efficient city of the future!  As the newly elected mayor of a city, each player leads an effort to build the greenest, most energy-efficient city possible.
  • ELECTROPOLIS (coming soon) is a short film produced by National Geographic Entertainment that asks viewers to imagine what happens when the energy grid we rely on stops working and explores our energy future.
  • Plan it Green, Generation Station is an interactive mini-game that asks the players to assemble the elements of several types of power plants used in Plan it Green, The Big Switch.
  • You Have the Power, an online interactive where students are asked to balance several types of energy generation and learn about the trade-offs of these energy sources.
  • Energy Program. The Saint Louis Science Center has received a grant from GE to develop a special energy program for school groups and visitors to the Saint Louis Science Center.
  • All of these elements compliment the Experience Energy Gallery that opened in 2011.

The Saint Louis Science Center is a founding member of the Center for Science, a national collaborative network of science centers focused on integrating and leveraging all available resources to advance science and technology understanding.  CONNECT! Transform the Future is the first project developed by the Center for Science in partnership with GE and National Geographic.