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Impress your significant other with these Science Center date ideas

Trying to change things up to impress your date with an idea that deviates from the standard dinner and a movie can be daunting. Daunting in the sense that St. Louis has so many fun and quirky opportunities for couples, we tend to be faced with option overload. Lucky for you, love is all about chemistry, and being the Saint Louis Science Center, we happen to specialize in science.

I suggest creating some new memories (thus increasing the dopamine and norepinephrine in your significant other’s brain) with the seven date ideas below:

1)      Want a guaranteed-to-never-have-been-done-before date night opportunity? Join us on Saturday, November 23rd for Nova Nights! When you check out the launch to this cosmic concert series, you will be among the first to take part in the ultimate Planetarium experience after dark. The night features live music, a rare live music LASERIUM laser performance and food and drinks. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that all of this takes place under the beautiful simulated night sky of the Planetarium dome in a cozy lounge type setting. (+2 for the romance factor!)

James S. McDonnell Planetarium after dark

2)      Looking for a variety of activities that are also wallet friendly? Create a calendar notification for the first Friday of every month! First Fridays feature adult programming that dives deeper into the science behind your favorite science fiction topics. You can expect hands-on activities, scifi trivia, plenty of photo opportunities and a FREE scifi movie at 10 p.m. as staples of the regular First Friday schedule. (+1 for the cool factor!)

3)      Thrill your date with a ride on one of our simulators! Enjoy a trip through our solar system on the solar coaster or dare to get swept up in a tornado – both options on the 8-person simulator. If you are feeling a bit more daring, opt for the i360 simulator where one of you can be the pilot and the other can be the gunner as you both engage in an aerial dogfight – complete with barrel rolls! (+ 2 for the adventure factor!)

4)      Romance your date under the stars inside the Planetarium with our Live Sky Tonight show! Grab a floor mat and get comfortable as we turn the lights way down low to dazzle you with the beauty of a dark night sky. Learn how to spot the constellations currently over St. Louis – a fun skill that comes in to play over and over again as you are out and about at night! (+1 for the romance factor!)

Inside the James S. McDonnell Planetarium StarBay

5)      If your date has never seen a film in the OMNIMAX® Theater, this is your opportunity for a “Wow!” experience. The giant domed screen has the effect of wrapping the visuals around you. I am of the firm belief that everyone in St. Louis needs to take in an OMNIMAX® film at least once because it is an experience that you will NEVER forget. Tip: Sit up towards the top and near the middle of the theater. (+1 for the wow factor!)

Inside the OMNIMAX Theater St. Louis

6)      Does your date appreciate good music? Surprise your significant other with a LASERIUM® laser show featuring songs by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Elton John, The Who, St. Louis favorite Chuck Berry and many other iconic artists. The classic set list combined with a somewhat trippy laser light show makes for an out-of-this-world experience. (+1 for the novelty factor!)

7)      Looking for a team building exercise to bring you and your date closer together? Build a replica of the Gateway Arch inside the Structures gallery! Work as a team to order and balance the arch blocks. And, when your date is not expecting it, hit him/her with some impressive Gateway Arch knowledge like “the Gateway arch is a catenary arch” or “catenary arches tend to be most stable when the width is the same as the height of the arch.” (+1 for the St. Louis factor!)

Couples can build a replica of the St. Louis Arch in the Structures Gallery of the Saint Louis Science Center

So there you have it. You can use the Science Center as the secret weapon in leveling up your dating skills from proficient to expert. Your date will be thrilled that you have put so much thought into these unconventional ideas and I won’t say a word about where they came from. ;)

Written by Staci, Communications

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