What are you doing this summer? I’m digging for dinosaurs!

And you can too!

This month, I will join other staff and SLSC members traveling to Jordan, Montana, to excavate dinosaur fossils as part of the Science Center’s annual PaleoTrek. This popular SLSC program offers participants the chance to have a “hands on” field experience digging in the badlands of Montana. Accompanied by paleontologists, scientists, and other Science Center staff, we will learn how to locate and excavate dinosaur remains from 65-67 million years ago!

This trip is special because it gives EVERY ONE an opportunity to give paleontology a try, from retirees to high school students. No experience is required, and there are professionals there every step of the way to guide you.  I’ve seen plenty of fossils in museums, but being able to find and excavate my own fossils seems like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

Dates are set for next year, and registration is already open!

  • June 15th- June 21st 2014
  • June 22- June 29th 2014
  • June 30th – July 4th 2014 (for families with small kids)

Contact rgiesler@slsc.org for more information and registration.

Written by Grace Niswander, Earth Sciences Educator

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