DIY Science

Post date: October, 31 2013

Halloween makes for an excellent time to add a little creepy chemistry into the mix. Make Glow Water and a Vomiting Jack-o-Lantern to up the spook factor at your Halloween party!

Post date: June, 20 2013

The nutrition panel on the side of your breakfast cereal has lots of interesting stuff. There's vitamins like Vitamin A and C. Important healthy stuff like Calcium and Folic Acid. There is even metals like Zinc and Iron. But what is the difference between the iron in your cereal and the iron used to make nails? Nothing. Iron is iron. And we can prove this with a quick kitchen experiment!

Post date: April, 17 2013

We have another fun and exciting science experiment for any at-home scientist. It's chromatography! When you are finished you will have a fun art and science project. First you'll need to take your scissors and trim down the coffee filter. You are also going to make a slit in the middle. Then you are going to decorate the filter with your marker. After that push the paper towel through. Finally place the coffee...

Post date: March, 8 2013

The Cheerios Effect describes the curious phenomenon you can see each morning in your breakfast cereal. When you are nearly done with your cereal and have just a few pieces of cheerios left floating in your bowl, you may notice their tendency to aggregate or clump together.

Post date: February, 12 2013

We have a popular experiment we do in our Amazing Science Demonstrations called Elephant Toothpaste. This experiment requires some chemicals you won't have at home, but we have developed a kitchen friendly version for you to experiment with!

Post date: February, 12 2013

When you blow up a balloon and let it go, it flies around the room out of control. But add a guidance system and you no longer have a crazy flying party favor. Now, it's a rocket!

Post date: February, 12 2013

Oobleck is weird because it does not behave like you'd think. It can ooze like a liquid, but when a sharp force is applied, the oobleck stands its ground and becomes ridgid like a solid. So let's make some already!