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Free Teaching Innovation Workshop

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Date: June 27, 2015

Time: 8:30am-2:30pm

Location: Saint Louis Science Center, Boeing Hall


  • What is the agenda for the workshop?
The workshop will include five hours of instruction and one hour for lunch and other breaks. The entire workshop will be a minds-on and hands-on experience and will consist of reflection, small and large group discussions, watching videos of innovators and many fun team activities.
*You must attend the full workshop.
  • What grade levels or subject areas does this workshop support?
We have already trained over 200 teachers who are successfully adapting the curriculum for all types of learners in grades K-12 and various subject areas. The curriculum is aligned to state and national standards in Social Studies, STEM, English/Language Arts, Education Technology, 21st Century Skills as well as Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  •  Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, please bring a laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) that can connect to the internet. Free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the Science Center. 
  • Will I receive any type of compensation for attending a workshop?
No, participation in this workshop and project is voluntary. Apart from participants receiving a copy of the Innovation 101 curricula with dvd , compensation of any kind is not offered.
  •  Are there any other benefits to attending a workshop?
A raffle will be held for some free giveaways. You will also learn about many free and online resources being offered by The Henry Ford
  • How can I learn more about The Henry Ford or Innovation 101?
  • Who will be teaching the workshop?
The workshop will be led by Paula Gangopadhyay, Chief Learning Officer of The Henry Ford. Paula is the lead author of Innovation 101, and the Project Director of The Henry Ford’s Teaching Innovation national scale-up initiative (also known as the Innovation Learning Accelerator) which is part of the Clinton Global Initiative, America’s national commitment to action. Paula was appointed by President Barack Obama for a four-year term on the National Museum and Library Services Board. She is the winner of the 2014 Informal Science Educator of the Year Award from the Michigan Science Teachers Association, the 2014 Faraday Science Communicator Award from the National Science Teachers Association, and the 2012 American Alliance of Museums’ EdCom Award for Excellence in Practice. Paula brings more than twenty years of experience from the education, policy, business and cultural sectors, and is known for being a passionate advocate for education and teacher empowerment. She is leading the teaching innovation professional development workshops for more than 1500 teachers, in 2015.
Here’s what teachers are saying about Innovation 101 and the workshop:
  • I learned so much about creating a culture of innovation and using it as a theme to teach content. Paula is an excellent teacher and modeled in so many ways how we should approach our own students. I’m so excited about the great videos on the Innovation website as well as the Innovation 101 curriculum.
  • I was thrilled with the Innovation 101 resources—my students worked cooperatively on these lesson activities, which worked well for their age group, and fit in nicely with the overall purpose of the project. Using the Innovation 101 lessons was a fantastic opportunity to tap into resources from a premier institution. It is improbable that a teacher would come up with lessons about this topic on her/his own without spending an inordinate amount of time—in fact, one of the best features of these lessons is that all supporting resources (video clips, external resources) are linked to the lesson plans. A teacher literally has all of the resources at their fingertips! 
  • “I think the curriculum is great. With all the emphasis being placed on STEM and the encouragement to educate students for the 21 Century, keeping the US at the forefront of innovation we need all the help can get in inspiring kids to pursue careers like these presented