There is so much to do at the Science Center, let us get your group started with a high-energy introduction to a gallery, sparking their interest and imagination and providing your group with inside information. Your tour guide will point out interesting things throughout the gallery and get you exploring like never before. In addition, we can provide self-guided activity suggestions for your group leader or gallery-specific scavenger hunts for your group. You bring your group. We’ll get them excited about learning.

Can’t find a tour for a topic or attraction that you have in mind? Download our Program Guide or call us to learn about additional Kick Start Tours not listed on this page!

Maximum: 30
Grade: K-Adult
Cost: $50 per program (Ask about special deals for PTO and Science Center Members)

For information call 314.289.4439 or email to reserve your space!

Tour Options

Boeing Space Station's Crew Quarters and Medical Lab

Astronauts spend up to 6 months at a time aboard the International Space Station. Their job, of course, is to do experiments in a micro-gravity environment, but they are still normal human beings who must eat, sleep, clean themselves, keep themselves fit and hmmm...use the world’s highest lavatory. In this tour we’ll take a close look at how all of this is accomplished in an Earth orbiting space station at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium.

Combine a Space Station Kick Start Tour with a live Planetarium Show and get a special discount!

Tours regularly available Mondays at 11am.

Discovery Room

Join us for interactive story time at the Discovery Room! Students will become involved in a science-related story book adventure. Accompanying activities will follow the theme of the book and prepare the group for their Discovery Room experience. Have fun playing with science!

Combine a Discovery Room Kick Start Tour with a Discovery Room session and get a special discount!

Energizer Machine

What goes up…must come down! Spinning wheels and many other simple machines are triggered by balls moving as you’ve never seen before. Introduction and self-guided exploration activities include observing machine behaviors, riding the “hamster wheel” and collecting data related to the operation of this mini-roller coaster in the Emerson Lobby of the Science Center.

Tours regularly available Thursdays at 10am.

Exploring the Digital World

How well do your students understand basic concepts of computer technology? Cyberville provides a wonderful and fun introduction to computer technology basics. This experience will introduce you to key exhibits and activities in our gallery. Learn how you can better explore these concepts during and after your visit.

Into Earth's Past

What do you think of when you hear about an earthquake, tornado or fossil find? This Kick Start experience introduces you to key exhibits and activities in the Ecology and Environment Past Gallery. Learn how you can better explore these concepts during and after your visit.

Life in the Laboratory

See the animals of the Life Science Lab up close and personal. You will watch and make observations of our lab animals to find out more about how they live, what unique characteristics help them survive and what these animals have contributed to science. This experience will have you looking at the Life Science Lab and its inhabitants in a whole new way.

Tours regularly available Tuesdays at 10am.