Pre and post-visit education materials for Field Trip Packages as well as Educator Guides to their corresponding films (where applicable) may be found below.

Adventures in Paleontology (3rd-12th grade) - Pre/Post Materials;  Sea Monsters official website;  Sea Monsters Educator Guide

Agriculture and the Environment (3rd-5th grade) – COMING SOON! 

Dream Big (3rd-12th grade) - COMING SOON! 

Eclipse (3rd-12th grade) – Pre/Post Materials

Extreme Weather (3rd-8th grade) - Pre/Post Materials

Math and Machines (1st-12th grade) – Pre/Post Materials

Nature’s Chemistry (6-8th grade) - Pre/Post Materials

Watermelon Magic (K-2nd grade) – Pre/Post Materials;  Watermelon Magic Educator Guide;  Lima Bean Growth Chart;  Self-Guided Tour