The Saint Louis Science Center announces new Field Trip Packages for Fall 2014!

Let us take the hassle out of planning a field trip for your school or group.  We’ve got the perfect field trip packages packaged and ready for your class! The one stop booking programs will help you accomplish your curriculum goals in a fun a creative way.

Great Space Experience and Electrify and Energize are two new field trip packages that will be offered in the Fall of 2014. 

Electrify and Energize explores alternate methods of electrical generation and ideas to conserve energy. Included in the field trip package is Electropolis, an amazing 3D movie produced by National Geographic, a private, Amazing Science Demonstration and a self -guided tour of the Energy Gallery. 

The Great Space Experience will help students learn what life is like aboard the International Space Station. Included in this field trip package is a “Live Sky Tonight” program in the James S. McDonnell Planetariu. 

Pre and Post Activities for Planetarium Field Trip

Pre and Post Activities for Planetarium Field Trip

An Astronomy Lesson for Grades 3-8

Learning Goals

  • The students will learn that we can create patterns out of the stars that we call constellations.
  • The students will learn that you can see different constellations during each of the seasons and that the sky changes during the course of the night.
  • The students will learn that the motion of the stars is caused by the rotation of the Earth on its axis. 
  • The students will learn that the stars change their positions by measuring the altitude of stars at home.
  • Students will construct a primitive astrolabe and use it to measure the position of a star over time.
  • The students will use a planisphere to see the movement of the constellations is predictable.
Science Standards for Planetarium Shows