See science take shape right before your eyes during our Ira & Judy Gall Amazing Science Demonstrations!

These fun and exciting demonstrations are perfect for field trips, school assemblies, banquet entertainment, corporate functions and more! Bringing your group to the Science Center? Let us put on a live science demonstration just for you! Our Ira & Judy Gall Amazing Science Demonstrations can be 20-30 minutes in length. Download our 2013 - 2014 Program Guide or choose from the popular topics below: 

Boiling Hot, Boiling Cold – Examine the dramatic differences and striking similarities between two boiling liquids: water and liquid nitrogen.

Brain Games – Optical illusions and other oddities give us clues about brain adaptation and evolution. Learn about the amazing things your brain can do!

CO2, Where Are You? – How does one little gas make a big difference? Come find out more about carbon dioxide, energy and energy efficiency in this fun and “green” presentation!

Cool, It’s Cryogenic! – What happens when things get cold – REALLY cold? Come learn all about cryogenics, the science of when stuff gets cold.

Energy Out of Control – See the science of weather in action as we create a thunderstorm onstage! Learn all about clouds, lightning and tornadoes.

Light Speed Ahead – Explore the amazing abilities of ordinary light! Learn about reflection, refraction, diffraction and color.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes – Experience the science of optical illusions! We’ll play all sorts of tricks on your eyes and learn why they work.

What the Speck is Nanotech? – Think small! Learn all about what it means to be nano-sized in this presentation. Explore how ordinary things behave very differently at the nanoscale. 

Per Demo:

Program length: 20-30 minutes

Maximum: 100 in a group

Cost: $50 


For more information, or to book a demonstration please call 314.289.4439.