January 3rd, 2014

Unless otherwise noted, all activities are free. Free parking on First Fridays!

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Lower Level, Main Building

6 to 9pm                     Game Library and open board game play (AB Classroom)

6:30 to 7:30pm           Pop-up Museum – bring a favorite game! (AB Classroom)

7 to 9pm                     Live action games (May Hall) Limited space – sign up at Game Library (May Hall)!

  • 6:30 & 8:30pm, The Very Large Game of Twister  
  • 7pm, Werewolf
  •    8pm, Timey Wimey Ball

7pm                            Chess Grand Master Blind Simulation (sign up in The Loft to play!) (Center Stage)

8pm                            Brain Games, Amazing Science Demonstration (Center Stage)

9pm                            The Improv Shop – improv games with audience participation (Center Stage)

Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor)

Last First Friday for the special exhibition!

6 to 8:00pm    Tour Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World!  $6/$3 (Non-Member Adult/Child)

Dino Overlook (Main Building, First Floor)

Demos and Activities, 6 to 9pm     

  • Test video games created by local video game developers
  • Learn about new games and how to get involved with Geekway , Wizard World
  • Create your own board game at our Maker Space
  • Get ready for Kawa Kon in February 2014!
  • Play games with Arch Reactor, St. Louis’ local hacker space
  • Check out the latest from local innovators -- brought to you by Openly Disruptive.

The Loft (Main Building, Second Floor)

6-9pm             Learn about the World Chess Hall of Fame and sign up to play the Chess Grand Master!

                        Check out Anime St. Louis

                        Jeffrey Johnson, Handmade Family - original games

                        See the Science Center’s 3D printer at work!

7pm                 First Fridays’ Trivia – limited seating

8pm                 Watch a Chess Grand Master play 10 simultaneous games of chess

OMNIMAX® Theater (Main Building, Second Floor)

Evening pricing ($6, all tickets; $5 for college students with valid id). The 10pm movie is free – seating is limited and tickets, available at the box office, are required.

6pm     Rocky Mountain Express

7pm     Jerusalem

8pm     Van Gogh

10pm   Clue (1985) -- Free, tickets required

James S. McDonnell Planetarium - Play Johann Sebastian Joust in the Lobby!

6 to 9pm                                  Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators – $5 and $6

6 to 9pm                                  Public Telescope Viewing (weather permitting)

7pm                                         The Sky Tonight (Star Bay) with musician Dustin Nosreppe

8pm                                         Live Action Party Game - Witchhunt (Planetarium Memories)

8:30pm & 10:30pm                LASERIUM®, the original laser show! ($10)

Answers to Your First Fridays’ Questions

How can I sign-up to play the Chess Grand Master?
The Chess Grand Master will play an exhibition game at 7pm at Center Stage and at 8pm in The Loft. Sign up to take on the Grand Master at the Chess Hall of Fame table, near The Loft on the second floor of the main building.

How does First Fridays’ Trivia work?
To play, register your team or as an individual, at The Loft. We can accommodate up to 25 teams. There will be five rounds of trivia, with five questions each round. Prizes for the winners of each round!

How do I get tickets for the 10pm movie?
Get your tickets at any ticket booth, starting at 6pm. Tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each person can get up to four tickets for your group. Once you have a ticket, be in the theater by 10 pm to claim your seat. If all tickets have been given out, visitors can wait in the stand-by line. At 10 pm, we will let people waiting in the stand-by line into the theater, to fill all empty seats.

What is a Pop-up Museum?

A pop-up museum is a temporary exhibition made up of objects brought in and shared by people just like you! When you participate in a pop-up museum, you are invited to bring in an object that connects with the given theme, sort of like show and tell.  At the pop-up museum, you create a label for your object and talk to others about what it represents and why it is meaningful to you.  At the end of the night, everyone takes their objects home.