Friday, July 5th

Welcome to Doctor Who!

Unless otherwise noted, all activities are free. Free parking on First Fridays!

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Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor)

Tour Lost Egypt, 6 to 9pm

First Fridays Discount Price: $9 (Non-Member adult) and $8 (Non-Member child)

Exhibition entry on the half hour -- last entry at 8pm.

Dino Overlook (Main Building, First Floor)

Demos and Activities, 6 to 9pm

·         Make the Doctor’s bow tie with Perennial, a community workshop for creative reuse.

·         Create your own Adipose and hear about plans for Kawa Kon 2014.

·         Check out Doctor Who creations by Jeffrey Johnson, Handmade Family.

·         See a display of Doctor Who memorabilia.

·         Watch a 3D printer print a TARDIS with Arch Reactor, St. Louis’ largest hackerspace.

·         Create music with instruments designed by circuit bender Dustin Nosreppe.

·         Check out the latest from local innovators -- brought to you by Openly Disruptive.

·         Meet real K-9s, available for adoption from Gateway Pet Guardians.

CenterStage (Main Building, Lower Level)

6:30pm           Play Timey-Wimey Ball

The Loft (Main Building, Second Floor)

Look for jelly babies and Doctor Who drink specials!

6 to 9pm         Watch a 3D printer making the Seal of Rassilon,

7pm                 First Fridays’ Trivia – limited seating: Featuring time travel and Doctor Who

9:05pm           Doctor Who Family Photo – calling all Doctors, companions and other life forms

OMNIMAX Theater (Main Building, Second Floor)

Evening pricing ($6, all tickets; $5 for college students with valid id). The 8pm presentation and the 10pm episodes are free -- seating is limited and tickets, available at the box office, are required.

6pm     Air Racers

8pm     Dr. Andy Howell--The Science and Science Fiction of Time:  from Spacetime to the TARDIS

10pm   “Blink” (2007) and “City of Death” (1979)

James S. McDonnell Planetarium

6 to 9pm          Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators – 3-D ($5) and I-360 ($6)

6:30pm           Demo: Timey-Wimey -- The Science of the Doctor

7 to 9:30pm     Public Telescope Viewing (Archery Field)

7pm                 Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight (Star Bay)

7:30pm           Demo: Stellar Cartography

8:30pm           LASERIUM®, the original laser show! ($10)


Answers to Your First Fridays’ Questions

How does First Fridays’ Trivia work?
Tonight’s questions focus on time travel and Doctor Who. There will be five rounds of trivia, with five questions each round. You can join the contest at the start of any round and compete as an individual or as a team. Prizes for the winners of each round!

What are the demonstrations at the Planetarium?
6:30pm          Timey-Wimey: The Science of the Doctor  

From black holes to space travel learn some of the science explored in Doctor Who.

7:30pm          Stellar Cartography

Learn how the ancient Egyptians and other ancient cultures used the stars to navigate.

How do I get tickets for the 10pm showing of Doctor Who episodes?
Get your tickets at any ticket booth. Tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have a ticket, you must be in the theater by 10 pm to claim your seat. If all tickets have been given out, visitors can wait in the stand-by line.  At 10 pm, we will let people waiting in the stand-by line into the theater, to fill all empty seats.

What are the food and drink specials?
For our Doctor Who First Friday we have two versions of the Sonic Screwdriver --  Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor. We also have jelly babies at the candy counter and a tasty twist on fish fingers and custard (In The Loft on the Second Floor).