Junior Internship & Leadership Program Application (Unpaid) - Summer 2015

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Is your parent/guardian aware and supportive of your desire to be a Junior Intern for the Saint Louis Science Center?
Please list two references from any of the following: School official or teacher, scout leader, coach, etc. Please include reference name, phone number, email address, how they know you, and for how long.
1. What extra-curricular activities and/or clubs have you participated in? Please include leadership roles as appropriate.
2. List any previous volunteer experience. Include when, where, and your responsibilities.
3. In which science area(s) do you have interest or experience? (Ie. chemistry, biology, physical science, life science, astronomy, space, medical, etc.)
4. In which other areas do you have interest or experience? I.e. arts, business, marketing, etc.
5. Do you have any experience engaging with the general public? If so, what?
6. Why do you think you are a good candidate for the junior internship opportunity at the Science Center?
7. Are you available for the dates and hours required by the program?
8. How did you hear about the Junior Intern Program?
9. At the time of application, what is your expected last day of school?