Friday, May 3rd

Unless otherwise noted, all activities are free. Free parking on First Fridays!

Boeing Hall (Main Building, First Floor)

8pm          The Great Debate: Star Trek vs. Star Wars, featuring the Webster University Forensics and Debate Team

6 to 8pm         Costume Contest Registration (Main Building, First Floor) View the costume contest rules.

Demos and Activities, 6 to 9pm (Main Building, First Floor)

  • Turn yourself into an alien.
  • See a 3D printer at work and learn more about St. Louis’ largest hackerspace with Arch Reactor.
  • Create space age music with instruments designed by circuit bender Dustin Nosreppe.
  • Check out the latest from local innovators -- brought to you by Openly Disruptive.
  • Pic-Me-Pictures! Space-themed Photo Booth

The Loft (Main Building, Second Floor)

7pm          First Fridays’ Trivia with guest host Julie Tristan

9:30pm          Winners of Costume Contest announced

OMNIMAX® Theater (Main Building, Second Floor)

Evening pricing ($6, all tickets; $5 for college students with valid id)

6pm     Air Racers

7pm     Hubble

8pm     Space Station

10pm   TBD by the team that wins the debate (Free, but seating is limited. Get your tickets at the box office and be at the theater by 10pm to claim your seat.)

The James S. McDonnell Planetarium:

6 to 9pm          Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators ($5)

6:30pm           Demonstration: Where Are the New Worlds?

7 to 9:30pm     Public Telescope Viewing (Archery Field)

7pm                 Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight (Star Bay)

7:30pm           Demonstration: Alien Auroras

8:30pm           LASERIUM®, the original laser show! ($10)

10pm              LASERIUM® ($10)