Friday, September 6, 2013

Unless otherwise noted, all activities are free. Free parking on First Friday evenings!

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*** Look for Bond-style cars and take your picture with them!***

Main Lobby

6 to 9pm         Go on a secret spy mission! The first 50 people to successfully complete the mission will receive a prize.

Make your own spy disguise!


CenterStage (Main Building, Lower Level)

8pm                 Explore current Cybersecurity challenges with Dr. Yi Yang, Fontbonne University


Dino Overlook (Main Building, First Floor)

Demos and Activities, 6 to 9pm

  • Send a secret message with invisible ink.
  • See spy gadgets from Arch Reactor, St. Louis’ largest hackerspace, and from Dr. Tom Spudich and students from Maryville University’s Forensic Science Department.
  • Create your own spy gadget at our First Friday Tinkering Space!
  • Play a version of the classic Atari game, “Spy vs. Spy”.
  • Test new games from local St. Louis game developers.
  • Create music with instruments designed by circuit bender Dustin Nosreppe.
  • Check out the latest from local innovators -- brought to you by Openly Disruptive.


The Loft (Main Building, Second Floor) Flag down a cocktail waitress to order a classic martini!

6 to 9pm          Watch a 3D printer print dice.

  • Play a version of Let’s Make a Deal and learn the psychology behind your choice.
  • Anime St. Louis: Learn about the local convention and try a slot machine.
  • Try your hand at blackjack and experiment with counting cards.
  • Spin the roulette wheel and explore probability.

7pm                 First Fridays’ Trivia – limited seating.

8 to 10pm       Open Poker Play – all skill levels welcome!

10:15pm         Casino Royale (1967) – no tickets required


James S. McDonnell Planetarium

6 to 9pm          Experience Flight: Test out our flight simulators –

Blue Motion Simulator ($5) and White Flight Simulators ($6)

6:30pm           Demo: The Science of James Bond

7 to 9:30pm     Public Telescope Viewing (Archery Field)

7pm                 Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight (Star Bay)

7:30pm           Demo: Moonraker – Real Life on a Space Station

8:30pm            LASERIUM®, the original laser show! ($10)

10pm               Casino Royale (2006) – limited seating; tickets at any ticket booth, from 6pm.                                                                                                                                                          

Answers to Your First Fridays’ Questions

NOTE: The 10pm movie, Casino Royale (2006), will be in the Planetarium.

Tickets are free and available at any ticket booth, starting at 6pm. Seating is limited. We will also show the 1967 Casino Royale film in The Loft at 10:15pm – no tickets required.

How do I get tickets for the 10pm showing of Casino Royale (2006)?
Casino Royale (2006) is showing in the Planetarium.
Starting at 6pm, get your tickets at any ticket booth. Tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have a ticket, you must be in the Planetarium theater by 10 pm to claim your seat. If all tickets have been given out, visitors can wait in the stand-by line.  At 10 pm, we will let people waiting in the stand-by line into the theater, to fill all empty seats.

You’re showing another movie tonight in The Loft? Do I need tickets?

At 10:15pm, we are showing another Casino Royale movie, the 1967 Bond spoof with Peter Sellers in The Loft on the second floor of the main building. The Loft will be open for food and drink service until 11pm. No tickets are necessary for this film.

How does First Fridays’ Trivia work?
To play, register your team or register as an individual at The Loft. First Fridays' Trivia can accommodate up to 25 teams -- first-come, first served. There are five rounds of trivia with five questions each round, plus a bonus question. There will be prizes for the winners of each round and the entire contest.

What are the demonstrations at the Planetarium?
6:30pm          The Science of James Bond

Learn how jet packs work as well as the science behind other devices used by Agent 007.

7:30pm          Moonraker: Real Life on a Space Station

Discover what you didn’t learn from Moonraker – what it’s really like to live in microgravity. Find out how astronauts do their work, eat, drink, and – what everyone wants to know – how do they use the bathroom in space?

What are the food and drink specials?
Try a cool martini – shaken, not stirred of course. Drink service in The Loft on the Second Floor of the main building and in the Planetarium Theater during LASERIUM® and Casino Royale.