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Post date: May, 15 2013

For some adults visiting as part of an adult group, exploring the Science Center amidst a sea of enthusiastic kids can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we truly do having something for all ages to enjoy. Next time you load up the car for a trip to the Science Center with your more seasoned friends, consider checking out my top 5 recommendations for adults.

Post date: April, 17 2013

Get to know our staff! Meet Paul Freiling, our engineering and technology education coordinator, and learn what 5 must-do activities he recommends for you to check out while visiting the Science Center.

Post date: April, 1 2013

We’re excited to share our hardest kept secret – LASERIUM® is returning to the Science Center! As part of the Planetarium’s 50th Anniversary in 2013, this cosmic laser concert will once again light up the Planetarium’s dome with a symphony of vibrant laser-light set to music. The original LASERIUM show, performed by a live master Laserist, is set to kick-off its return on April 5 at our First Fridays:...

Post date: March, 29 2013

This April, we are trying out some new ideas for First Friday. April happens to be the 50th anniversary month of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and around here that happens to be a big deal! We are Planetarium fanatics. So, April First Friday will be the kickoff event to our month long celebration of the Planetarium. The theme for the night is Aliens and Astronauts, perfect for piloting some new...

Post date: March, 28 2013

What do you think about when you hear the word “nano”?  Most people immediately think of an ipod nano or the latest “nano” toy.  In fact, it seems like the word “nano” has become society’s buzz word for the latest and greatest tiny (or not so tiny) electronic devices.  When scientists use the word “nano,” it means something different.  They are referring to something as small as DNA or viruses.  One nanometer is...

Post date: March, 26 2013

After bringing the mystery fossil into the Science Center, his find was confirmed to be the vertebrae of Bison antiquas, an ancestor of the modern day bison that lived during the late Pleistocene epoch over 230,000 years ago.

Post date: March, 22 2013

The Science Center’s new, must-see attraction (located above CenterStage) will absolutely shock you!  Or it would, if we didn’t keep it enclosed in a cage specially designed to protect you (and your phone!) from its amazing power… No, it’s not an exotic animal, it’s…a Tesla Coil!

Post date: March, 19 2013

I know for the past several years, many of us have been unable to go on vacations as we’ve tightened our belts. In comes the increasingly popular staycation – taking full advantage of all that your city or one nearby has to offer. Here in St. Louis, we are lucky to have so many wonderful places to go, and one of the best, in my humble (and biased) opinion, is the Saint Louis Science Center.

Post date: March, 14 2013

2012 was a big year for us at the Science Center! We made a lot of big changes, and if you visited in 2012 you definitely noticed them. If you didn’t visit, well you missed out on the rollout of some pretty cool things. In fact, we introduced over 10,000 square feet of new or revamped exhibit experiences in 2012 alone. But, do not fret! You can check out what you missed and we’ll have even more fun things for you...

Post date: February, 22 2013

I saw Jurassic Park for the first time when I was seven years old, right after it came out.  It was just the perfect amount of terrifying.  Unbelievably realistic, while at the same time separate from reality, the dinosaurs came to life and invaded my imagination.