SLSC in the News

Post date: July, 12 2013

Can we just say, “Wow! You guys are amazing!”? The turnout for last week’s Doctor Who First Friday was AWESOME. We were blown away by not only the number of fans who showed up but also by how enthusiastic, passionate and friendly you all were.

Post date: June, 28 2013

The Saint Louis Science Center presents a new star show designed specifically for children who are blind or have low vision. “Feeling the Stars,” adapted from the existing show “The Little Star That Could," gives individuals with visual impairment an accessible and immersive experience in the...

Post date: June, 24 2013

Today is the day the EXPLORADOME comes down! In some ways, we are sad to see this oddball structure go. You really can’t miss this bubble-wrap-like, white dome of a building as you’re driving down Highway 40. The EXPLORADOME has served as a landmark for drivers for quite some time now. But, the Science Center no longer has a need for the EXPLORADOME (thanks to the...

Post date: June, 19 2013

School’s out and the Science Center is in! Thanks to our summer interns, we are ready to exceed visitors’ expectations during our busiest months of the year. Non-profit organizations are constantly working to show how they benefit the community. Offering internships is one of the best opportunities to do that. The Science Center gets enthusiastic helpers for daily operations and special projects. The interns get...

Post date: June, 14 2013

Last week, the Ecology and Environment gallery had a special visitor: world-renowned paleontologist and friend of the Science Center, Dr. David Burnham.  We were anticipating Dr. Burnham’s visit, because it would be the first time he would see and analyze the T-Rex jaw fondly called “Woody” by staff, found in 2010 during the Science Center’s Paleotrek program in Montana.

Post date: May, 31 2013

This month, I will join other staff and SLSC members traveling to Jordan, Montana, to excavate dinosaur fossils as part of the Science Center’s annual PaleoTrek. This popular SLSC program offers participants the chance to have a “hands on” field experience digging in the badlands of Montana....

Post date: May, 15 2013

For some adults visiting as part of an adult group, exploring the Science Center amidst a sea of enthusiastic kids can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we truly do having something for all ages to enjoy. Next time you load up the car for a trip to the Science Center with your more seasoned friends, consider checking out my top 5 recommendations for adults.

Post date: April, 17 2013

Get to know our staff! Meet Paul Freiling, our engineering and technology education coordinator, and learn what 5 must-do activities he recommends for you to check out while visiting the Science Center.

Post date: April, 1 2013

We’re excited to share our hardest kept secret – LASERIUM® is returning to the Science Center! As part of the Planetarium’s 50th Anniversary in 2013, this cosmic laser concert will once again light up the Planetarium’s dome with a symphony of vibrant laser-light set to music. The original LASERIUM show, performed by a live master Laserist, is set to kick-off its return on April 5 at our First Fridays:...

Post date: March, 29 2013

This April, we are trying out some new ideas for First Friday. April happens to be the 50th anniversary month of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and around here that happens to be a big deal! We are Planetarium fanatics. So, April First Friday will be the kickoff event to our month long celebration of the Planetarium. The theme for the night is Aliens and Astronauts, perfect for piloting some new...