Staying Home For Spring Break?

Staying Home For Spring Break? No Worries, There’s Plenty to Do at the Saint Louis Science Center!

I know for the past several years, many of us have been unable to go on vacations as we’ve tightened our belts. In comes the increasingly popular staycation – taking full advantage of all that your city or one nearby has to offer.

Here in St. Louis, we are lucky to have so many wonderful places to go, and one of the best, in my humble (and biased) opinion, is the Saint Louis Science Center.

During the highly unpredictable Midwest spring, the Science Center can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is outside. We have many activities happening over the next couple weeks for Spring Breaks, including exciting new galleries and exhibits that you must come check out if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Snapshot of installing the Tesla Coil over CenterStage at the Saint Louis Science Center

Installing the Tesla Coil over CenterStage

Installed just last week was the Tesla Coil above CenterStage on the lower level. It looks like bolts of lightning in a cage! A Tesla Coil converts a low voltage, high current, and low frequency power source into a high voltage, low current, and high frequency power source. When charged, it transmits energy into the surrounding air in the form of electromagnetic radiation that can wirelessly power electrical equipment from several feel away.

Also on the lower level is the Experience Energy Gallery. Opened late last year, Experience Energy has over 2,200 square feet of interactive exhibit space for all ages. You can see how energy becomes electricity and why energy efficiency makes a difference. At the Kilowatt-Hour Bike, I was able to pedal fast enough to create the energy required to blend a smoothie for a minute… probably not quite enough for a properly blended smoothie. Perhaps you can do better than I did!

Another great new addition is the Experience Flight Gallery with the Pulseworks Simulator. The eight-seat, high-tech simulator takes you on a ride of your choosing – the F-18 Hornet, the Solar Coaster, Riding the Wind or Bermuda Triangle. My favorite is Riding the Wind, as I got some interesting facts about weather while getting sucked up in a tornado!

Parents can also take a break from the kids being home by signing them up for a Holidazed Day Camp. All this week and next week, kids in grades 1 – 5 can participate in half- or full-day sessions Monday through Friday. Topics range from chemistry and astronomy to creating slime and exploring the various habitats of our world! Your kids will have fun learning and creating projects they get to keep. Register now online.

Another way to ditch the kids is a Cheap Date Night at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium this Friday, March 22. The evening’s topic is the Vernal Equinox, aka the Spring Equinox, and the Lyrid meteor shower, which happens in late April. Cheap Date Nights include a special Planetarium Show, light snacks, a cash bar and a science fiction movie under the stars. What more could you want for a romantic evening?

Be sure to check our website for any updates and make reservations as soon as possible so you’re not left in the cold… literally!

Written by Meghan, Membership Services

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