Learn what it is like to travel, live and work in space. Settle into the Orthwein StarBay for a must see Planetarium Show and explore the Boeing Space Station above on the StarBridge. 

Come visit Experience Flight where you can quite literally experience what it is like to fly and ride in various aircraft through fully immersive simulators!

Take the Controls!

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March 14- 28: Automata

Make mechanical art! What are Automata?  Automata are mechanical sculptures that tell a story. Join us to create cams, cranks, and characters that you can assemble into an automata that you can take home!

March 29-April 11: TBD

Transform the world around you into a variety of scenarios on our new 8-person Pulseworks Simulator! Choose from a roller coaster fantasy ride through the solar system, a carrier takeoff in an f-18 Super Hornet, plus more! You can find Experience Flight in the walkway leading to the Planetarium.

Experience the wonder of simple machines working together in this amazing kinetic sculpture. Colored balls travel over 1/4 of a mile of track, going through loops, flying into nets, and more! Try using your energy to lift balls into the machine at the Energizer Wheel located in the Emerson Lobby.