Battlestar Scienza

Join us at our December First Friday, Battlestar Galactica - So Say We All, and try out our new experience - Battlestar Scienza! 

Battlestar Scienza is a live-action interactive experience in which you and your fellow crewmates will determine the fate of human- and cylon-kind by completing missions, gathering intelligence and making your voices heard throughout the evening. At 9:15 pm, you will take part in electing the next President of Scienza, a decision that will have lasting ramifications.

Each First Friday visitor will be given an Allegiance (Human or Cylon) and an Assignment (Scientist, Pilot, Engineer, etc.). Listen for announcements throughout the evening that call for your Assignment. These Assignment-specific missions will challenge participants to complete a task to gain intelligence. This intelligence will help identify which candidate for President has humankind’s best interests at heart. Be wary of what you hear, though! Cylons will attempt to divert missions and feed false intelligence throughout the evening.

  • Join your crewmates at 6:30pm at Center Stage to hear the Opening Statements for your presidential candidates.
  • Voting for the evening will take place using Twitter and Instagram.

Please join the Saint Louis Science Center at a Blood Drive sponsored by the American Red Cross and give the gift of life this holiday season. To make an appointment, visit and enter sponsor code: SLSC. 

All presenting donors will receive a special American Red Cross holiday long-sleeve t-shirt (while supply lasts). Free parking will be provided for all presenting donors. 

Nova Nights: Creepy Comets

On October 31, grab your friends or your date and enjoy a geeky night out at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium. Enjoy drinks, a classic horror movie (Night of the Living Dead, 1968) and a live star show exploring the real story of some of sci-fi’s favorite villains, comets.

Your admission to Nova Nights includes:

Dr. Dale Anderson from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Lab will bring you the latest findings about the existence of life beyond Earth. Enjoy numerous activities throughout the Science Center, including a free Public Telescope Viewing with the St. Louis Astronomical Society and a free science fiction film at 10pm.

For a complete schedule of our August First Friday activities, click here