Sight, sound, smell, perception and reality—the human body and the systems that help us relate to the world around us is a fascinating machine.

Spend some time with the fun and interactive exhibits in The Human Adventure and learn more about your own brain, mind and body, and how they navigate the world around you. Your senses and memory are the results of some complicated processes, but these fun exhibits will help you learn more about what makes them work. See how your hearing, memory and vision stack up against your friends and family and then learn the reasons behind the differences. It’s all part of the Human Adventure.

The Human Adventure is located on the first floor of the Science Center.

Math Cart

Try your hand at some brain-teasing math puzzles. We have a variety of puzzles, including tangrams, number puzzles, logic puzzles and many brain teasers. You'll have so much fun you won't even realize you're learning!