President's Sidebar - What Volunteers Mean to Us

Dear Science Center friends,

After a long winter, spring and summer are finally upon us. As we begin to prepare for our crowds this summer, I want to take the time to point out a group of valuable people who help us meet the growing demands of our guests – our volunteers.

Volunteering and nonprofits go hand in hand. Many of us (including myself) who have spent our careers working with and at nonprofits started as volunteers. When I started working in museums, I began as a volunteer at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. As my career grew, I remained passionate about giving back to the community, and I still volunteer today. Currently, I serve as a volunteer ski patroller for Hidden Valley Ski Patrol in Wildwood.

The Science Center could not survive without the generous amount of time given by our volunteers. From our teenage interns to our 28-year veterans that help us each and every day, we count on the wealth of knowledge, experience and energy that they bring to the public. Working hand in hand with our staff, our volunteers allow us to help guests, expand our programs and provide a smiling face and helpful attitude for everyone who visits us all year long.

Each year, volunteers provide the Science Center with over 15,000 hours of service. We benefit from the “volunteering spirit” present in the city of St. Louis. According to, from 2010-2012, St. Louis’ volunteer rate ranked in the top 10 amongst major metropolitan areas (ahead of Chicago, Indianapolis, New York and Columbus). 

On your next visit, help us thank those volunteers who make your visit a little more special and who help us ignite passion for science and technology learning in our community.


Bert Vescolani


(Interested in volunteering at the Science Center? Click here for more information and to apply online.)

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