Makerspace Gallery

Below are time-lapses of each accessory 3d printed in our Makerspace Gallery. The text under each video describes the model and its use so you can download and print your own 3d mask accessories! The original modeler’s information is also included so you can download and print them as well.

Antifog Nose Clip

This nose clip closes the gaps in masks that form around the bridge of the nose. Most notably, this helps to prevent or lessen the fogging of glasses, but this also has the benefit of limiting the number of airborne particulates that escape from gaps along the edges of the mask.

This thing was created by Thingiverse user lecutterjaune, and is licensed under cc.

Ear Saver

Ear savers have two main benefits. When used with disposable surgical masks, they pull the straps away from the ears and relieve any strain or fatigue that a person may experience after prolonged use. The second is that it pulls the mask tight against the face. When used in conjunction with CDC guidelines for the “Knot and tuck method,” this will create a tighter seal around the face.


A mask spacer is a device that makes wearing a mask more comfortable, which also lowers fatigue from extended wear. Using hooks, it sits inside of the mask and expands it outward away from the mouth. This doesn’t affect the seal around the face.

This thing was created by Thingiverse user 1sPiRe, and is licensed under cc-nc-sa.

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