Amazing Science Demonstrations at CenterStage

Centerstage is being transformed in a new Energy Stage. Learn more about our new Energy Stage opening this spring. 


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Demonstration Themes

Stormy Weather

See the science of weather in action as we create a thunderstorm on stage! Learn all about clouds, lightning and tornadoes first hand while we recreate powerful weather phenomena that you can see, hear and maybe even touch.

Boiling Hot…Boiling Cold

Examine the dramatic differences and striking similarities between two boiling liquids: water and liquid nitrogen. Learn how we make a cloud or what happens when a bouncy ball is frozen solid.

It’s a Blast

Prepare yourself for a chemistry show that explores a specific type of reaction – fire! Through surprising experiments, you’ll discover the basic needs of fire and witness some loud, bright and colorful moments that are sure to ignite your excitement.

A Hair Raising Experience

This shocking demonstration will electrify learning! We’ll explore the parts of an atom, learn why doorknobs shock us in the winter and create an arc of electricity that can energize a light bulb without wires.

Man performing science demonstration

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Discover descriptions for all of our demonstrations in our Program Guide. Call 314.289.4424 or visit CenterStage during your next visit to see which shows are planned.

Program Guide

Amazing Science Demonstrations for Groups

The Science Center offers private Amazing Science Demonstrations and a wide variety of other programs tailored to specific groups and audiences.

Program Guide

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CenterStage is accessible to visitors with disabilities, as well as visitors with strollers, scooters, and walkers. Elevators and ramps serve all public areas.

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