Countdown to Space Town
Want to see rocket launches and experience zero gravity? From July 16-21 we’re celebrating the 49th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission by putting you in the astronaut’s shoes. Race to outer space with rocket launches, gravity suitcases, satellites, brain teasers, science demos and more.

Science at Sunset
Need some Space? Come to Science at Sunset on Thursday, July 19th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. for delicious food and drink specials, live music, prizes and a free screening of the sci-fi comedy classic film Spaceballs. It’s the perfect summer meet up for friends and family.

Join us for a multi-day celebration of the monumental Apollo 11 mission, featuring rocket launches, science demos, gravity suitcases, brain teasers and our smash hit Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission special exhibition.

One small step calls for one big week of celebration. Travel back in time with us for Apollo Week at the Saint Louis Science Center. To celebrate the 49th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission, come experience rocket launches, satellites, science demos, gravity suitcases, brain teasers and our out of this world exhibit, Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission. Finish off the week with some after-hours fun with Science at Sunset on Thursday, July 19, and The Landing Party: Party Like It’s 1969, a 21+ retro-styled party featuring a DJ, small plates and drinks on Friday, July 20.

Not To Be Missed

Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission (Special Exhibition)
First Floor

As a Smithsonian affiliate museum, the Saint Louis Science Center is one of just four institutions in the country – and the only in the Midwest – to host this special exhibition. Destination Moon features more than 20 one-of-a-kind mission artifacts, including the Apollo 11 command module Columbia, Buzz Aldrin’s extravehicular visor, gloves, lunar sample container and more. TR $

Exhibition and tickets available now until September 3. Free for Members.

Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas
Second Floor, OMNIMAX Theater

Experience being aboard a modern aircraft carrier in this stunning tribute to one of the greatest engineering feats in history. TR $

Rocket Day, July 16 11am to 2pm
James S. McDonnell Planetarium

Get ready for lift off and help create a PVC rocket with Challenger Learning Center. Then, launch it outside the James S. McDonell Planetarium and see how close you can get it to the Moon. For the little ones – create your own paper rockets. Plus, see small engine rockets take off at 11am.

Ongoing Activities (All Week)


Explore Newton’s 3rd law of motion and how it can help rockets BLAST OFF into space!

Earth Sciences-LL
1 – 3pm

Craters – Make some craters! Learn how impact craters have shaped the history of the Moon.

Earth Magnetic – Explore the phenomena of Earth’s magnetic field in this hands-on activity.

Mountains – Make your own paper mountain and test out how water moves over the surface of the Earth.

Starlite Cup-1
Cool off with Apollo 11 ice cream – and make it a double.

Check out food and drink specials at the Fermentation Station.

Moon Meals: Learn how and what astronauts eat in space with a fun visit to the “moon café” for a moon meal.

Lunar Surface: Explore how moon surface exploration helped us learn about our own earth’s surface.

Life Science Lab-1
July 17 & 24, Tuesday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
July 20, Friday 10:00 am to Noon.

Bones in Space: Learn how traveling to space impacts an astronaut’s bones and discover more about your skeleton.

Extremophiles: Learn about some of the strange and extreme life here on Earth and how life could survive on other planets.

2:30 – 5pm

Build your very own model rover. TR $

Discovery Room-2

Moon videos in the rocket (moon fly-over and astronaut walking on the moon Moon projection (accurate to tonight’s moon phase) Moonscape table with space vehicles and astronauts for pretend play TR $

Mission: Mars-2
Mission Control: Level 2 & Mission Base: Planetarium

Visit our newly renovated Mission: Mars gallery and experience the science and technology behind exploring the red planet.

Test out the Blue Motion Simulators ($5 for Non-Members and Members) the I-360 Interactive Flight Simulators ($7/$6 for Members) and our new Virtual Reality Transporter ($10/$9 for Members). TR$

Mercury and Gemini: Launch Pad to Apollo
Offered in in the Liftoff Gallery Monday- Friday 11:45am – 12:15pm

We all know that Apollo 11 was the successful mission that landed us on the Moon, but what did it take to get there? Join us to learn about the amazing technological advancements that allowed us to achieve the moon landing.

Scheduled Activities

July 16 – 18: 9:30am – 2pm, Space Activities
Visit the different booths throughout the building featuring hands-on space themed activities such as pin the suit on the astronaut and gravity suitcase demos.

July 18: 12pm, Space Station

All tickets $6, $5 for college students with valid id
(2010, 45 minutes)

July 19: 5pm – 8pm, Science at Sunset
GROW Gallery

Grab your group for some after-hours fun. Enjoy food and drink specials as well as live music featuring Brian Curran & Friends. Enjoy our FREE space-theme movie – Space Balls – starting at 6pm in the OMNIMAX. Tickets for the movie are available at 5pm. Planetarium parking is closed. Main parking lot is FREE.

July 19: ALL Day, SCIFEST: One Giant Leap
Entire Building

Come learn more about the science, technology, ingenuity and effort involved in getting us to the Moon and back! Meet aeronautic and astronautic professionals, and visit with Moon landing and space race experts!

July 24: Splash Down Day
11:15am & 1:15pm, Splash Down Day Center Stage

Join us as we explore the science behind gravity by dropping Apollo Week items at our splat window!

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