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Prairie Farms Our Caps, Your Cause

Drink Prairie Farms and give to what mooves you!

Support the Saint Louis Science Center by drinking Prairie Farms Milk or Iced Coffee and saving your caps.

How does it work?

  1. Begin by purchasing Prairie Farms white or chocolate milk in gallon or half gallon sizes, or Prairie Farms Iced Coffee
  2. Peel off the Prairie Farms cap sticker to reveal a unique, redeemable code.
  3. Click the button below or go to: and click “redeem codes now”
  4. From the drop down menu, select category = Arts & Culture, organization = Saint Louis Science Center
  5. Enter your codes (up to 10 at a time).
  6. Click the donate button.

Your points are now awarded to the Saint Louis Science Center!

To learn more about Our Caps, Your Cause, visit:

Prairie Farms Our Caps, Your Cause