Astronomy Fact of the Day: August 09, 2018

Today Mercury reaches inferior conjunction. This is when Mercury passes between Earth and the Sun. On November 11, 2019 this will happen again as a syzygy meaning that with safe solar filters you can see Mercury transit Sun.

Night Sky Update For The Week of August 7, 2018

This is the Saint Louis Science Center’s NIGHT SKY UPDATE for the week of Tuesday, August 7. All times are given as local St. Louis time (Central Daylight Time). For definitions of terminology used in the night sky update, click the highlighted text. Information updated weekly or as needed. Join us for our next star… Continue reading

Astronomy Fact of the Day: August 04, 2018

This month NASA will launch the Parker Solar Probe. This sun orbiting spacecraft will fly through the Sun’s outer atmosphere getting as close as 3.8 million miles from the surface of the Sun.