Who doesn’t like fire?!

Flames are the visible part of a gaseous fire, and their color depends on the fuel being burned. In this demonstration, we mix a variety of metal salts with denatured alcohol to get some amazing results! When heated through exothermic reactions, the atoms of these metal salts move to an excited, unstable state. As they… Continue reading

Liquid Nitrogen Cloud

Brrr! Liquid Nitrogen Boils at -320.4 degrees Fahrenheit. As you will see in the video, the water vapor in the air surrounding the boiling Liquid Nitrogen condenses and then freezes into ice crystals that scatter and reflect light—a mini cloud!

Whoosh Bottle!

WHOOSH! Ever wonder how @NASA gets rockets into space? With empty water jugs, of course! Just kidding, but the basic physical concept shown in this demonstration and in actual rocket launches is fundamentally the same. In this demonstration, we force expanding gases to expel from the “engine” that is our water jug. As the water… Continue reading

The Fractals of Frozen II

Crystal Formation and the Powers of Elsa Elsa, the princess of Arendelle, was born with the ability to create and control ice and snow. When Elsa accidentally uses her powers to develop an infinite winter, her sister, Anna takes action to change the bitter weather conditions. Frozen 2 takes us on a journey to find… Continue reading

Science Uncorked: How to Enjoy your Wine

Let’s face it, you love your wine – but what is the rule of thumb for properly enjoying it? Check out these three helpful tips on how you should be enjoying yours. Tip 1: “Swirling” a glass of wine before tasting it will aerate the wine and release its aromas. Aeration is the infusion of… Continue reading

Science Uncorked: The Wine Production Process

You know you love it, but do you know how it’s made? Checkout the science behind wine and winemaking in these 5 steps of the wine production process. STEP ONE: Harvesting The first step in the wine production process is to harvest the grapes. Did you know that grapes are the only fruit that contain… Continue reading

Soil Your Underwear Challenge
Activity 1

Underwear Burial What will the soil do to your underwear? ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION As you bury 2 pairs of underwear, you’ll uncover diverse life underground and discover how soil changes the deeper you dig. Underwear Burial is a jumping off point to other activities in this book. This activity also guides you through the procedures scientists… Continue reading