Kangaroo Skull – Collected from Australia

The kangaroo is a marsupial native to Australia. All marsupials are diprotodonts, meaning they have two front teeth, or incisors. But kangaroos are unusual because they have three pairs of incisors in their upper jaw and one pair in their lower jaw. Another unique characteristic of kangaroo skulls is that they are relatively long and… Continue reading

Comic Book – Wonder Woman, Number 46, 1951

Did you know that early Wonder Woman comics included a feature called “Wonder Women of History?” In each issue with this feature, Wonder Woman stepped aside to give voice to the real life stories of exceptional and often silenced women of history. The feature ran for 54 issues and covered fifty different women in science,… Continue reading

Radio Receiver – Atchinson, Kansas, ca. 1930

Cathedral style radio receivers began to appear in the 1930s as a much smaller and compact radio design compared to the console and large “coffin” style radios of the 1920s. Steinite Radio Co. produced this four-tube, AM radio about 1930. It features a superheterodyne circuit, a novel invention that made it possible to boost weak… Continue reading

Gold Plaque – Iran, ca. 5th century BC

Although not even two inches tall, this embossed gold foil plaque is intricately detailed to show a standing male figure wearing a crown. The plaque dates to the Achaemenid Empire, or the First Persian Empire, in Western Asia. This was an ancient Iranian empire with Babylon as its capital. Although we are not sure who… Continue reading

Wall Telephone – Chicago, 1901

In the late 1890s, Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Company started selling this standard series wall model telephone. It features a mouthpiece, separate ear receiver, hookswitch, hand crank, and bells. A high quality instrument at the time, it was easily integrated into the home with its stylish oak cabinet. Over the past 100 years technology has… Continue reading

Malaysian Petrified Wood Collected from Arizona

Petrified wood is a fossil that is formed when the original internal plant material is replaced by minerals. The minerals crystallize within the cellular structure of the log or tree over centuries. Some specimens of petrified wood have been so accurately preserved to still resemble wood that people do not realize they are fossils until… Continue reading

Green Abalone Shell – Collected from California

This shell comes from a species of large sea snail, the green abalone. The outer brown shell layer has been removed to reveal the beautiful mother-of-pearl underneath. Did you know that the green abalone can live up to 30 years or more? They live in shallow water under rocks, in rock crevices, and other hidden… Continue reading

Collections – Yoda Hand Puppet | Ohio, 1980

Made by Kenner as part of their Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back collection, the Yoda hand puppet (complete with white hair) had a good likeness to the legendary teacher of the Jedi Knights. Just like the puppet from the film, all this hand puppet needed was a helping hand and some imagination to bring… Continue reading

Collections – Temple Lantern | Japan, ca. early 1900s

This brass lantern was designed to hang under the eaves of Buddhist temples and shrines in Japan. Shaped like a pagoda, it has hinged doors and a traditional Japanese design etched on its six sides. Originally introduced from China around the 8th century for use in Imperial palaces, these lamps became popular fixtures to light… Continue reading