Gateway Legends Esports Competition Hosted by Fair Saint Louis

Support science for our future. Make a gift to the Youth Exploring Science Program today to help power connections to STEAM through efforts like these. The Saint Louis Science Center was proud to participate in the recent Gateway Legends esports competition hosted by Fair Saint Louis and sponsored by Centene Charitable Foundation. Held over the… Continue reading

Infinity Companion Book – 2014

All roads lead to Infinity! This book contains the complete collection of 32 comics that tie-in to the Infinity story. With Earth’s mightiest heroes off in space fighting to save the world, Thanos has attacked Earth on a second front. Some of Marvel’s biggest names, like Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Spider Woman and more, unleash… Continue reading

Puzzle Ball – China, early 20th century

Look closely. Can you see the ten different balls of this puzzle? This puzzle ball is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Hard carved from a single piece of ivory, each ball is individually carved and enclosed within another. The outermost sphere is the most intricate with beautifully carved rosettes. You can solve this puzzle by… Continue reading

E.T. Action Figure – 1982

Did you know that when it was released in 1982, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial surpassed Star Wars to become the highest-grossing film of all time? It held onto that record for eleven years! This action figure perfectly captures the adorable spirit of the alien which won the hearts and minds of Hollywood and the public… Continue reading

Menorah – Eastern Europe, ca. 19th century

Featuring the Lions of Judah, this menorah was cast from three pieces of brass. During the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, the nine branches of the menorah are lit during this festival of lights. The Lion of Judah is a familiar symbol in Judaism, and came to signify the blessing, majesty, and protection of the Jews,… Continue reading

Kangaroo Skull – Collected from Australia

The kangaroo is a marsupial native to Australia. All marsupials are diprotodonts, meaning they have two front teeth, or incisors. But kangaroos are unusual because they have three pairs of incisors in their upper jaw and one pair in their lower jaw. Another unique characteristic of kangaroo skulls is that they are relatively long and… Continue reading

Comic Book – Wonder Woman, Number 46, 1951

Did you know that early Wonder Woman comics included a feature called “Wonder Women of History?” In each issue with this feature, Wonder Woman stepped aside to give voice to the real life stories of exceptional and often silenced women of history. The feature ran for 54 issues and covered fifty different women in science,… Continue reading

Radio Receiver – Atchinson, Kansas, ca. 1930

Cathedral style radio receivers began to appear in the 1930s as a much smaller and compact radio design compared to the console and large “coffin” style radios of the 1920s. Steinite Radio Co. produced this four-tube, AM radio about 1930. It features a superheterodyne circuit, a novel invention that made it possible to boost weak… Continue reading