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Venus & The Planets of May

The planets and Moon will NOT form a smiley face in the sky this month. Watch as Will debunks a common space myth and shows us where to look to find other planets in May’s night sky. Connect with Curiosity

Collections – Wall mounted gas lamp, 19th century

The flammability of coal gas was discovered by accident in the 1730s, yet gas was not applied as a practical lighting method for widespread use until the 1790s. Even then, most people distrusted gas fixtures inside the home and did not universally incorporate them until the 1880s. Gas lamps of the Victorian era, like this… Continue reading

The Planetarium Goes Dark

The lights at the iconic McDonnell Planetarium have gone dark this month. Watch as Will explains why we’ve teamed up with the Saint Louis Zoo, Gateway Arch, and the Missouri Botanical Garden in an effort to reduce light pollution in the city of St. Louis. Connect with Curiosity

Saint Louis Science Center Collections A to Z

The Science Center’s Collections Department cares for and preserves a wide variety of artifacts, some of which may surprise you! From animals to fossils, ancient pottery to meteorites, space toys to medical tools, here you can discover a selection of wonderful things from A-Z. Connect with curiosity!

Positively Shocking!

When Robert J. Van De Graff invented his generator in 1929, he probably didn’t expect it would become one of the most widely-used tools to teach people about electrostatics! Originally developed as a particle accelerator to be used in physics research, Van De Graff Generators produce high-voltage, direct current (DC) electricity. This high voltage can… Continue reading