Mars Perseverance : Landing is hard!

After traveling seven months to reach Mars, the Perseverance rover still has to land successfully on the surface of the Red Planet on February 18th. Learn more from NASA Solar System Ambassador John Mackin about what it will take for the rover to make it all the way to Mars, including the “seven minutes of… Continue reading

Mars Perseverance : Finding Signs of Ancient Life

Find out how the Perseverance rover will look for signs of ancient life on Mars. John Mackin, NASA Solar System Ambassador shares details about what the rover is looking for on Mars and the unique technology the rover is bringing to the Red Planet’s surface to complete its mission.

Physics of the Ollie

Ever wonder how skateboarders leap into the air with their board seeming to follow underneath their feet? That is called an ollie and it’s one of the fundamental tricks in skateboarding. Watch as our team of talented Science Center skaters demonstrate the physics of the ollie. Connect with curiosity!

Saint Louis Science Center Collections A to Z

The Science Center’s Collections Department cares for and preserves a wide variety of artifacts, some of which may surprise you! From animals to fossils, ancient pottery to meteorites, space toys to medical tools, here you can discover a selection of wonderful things from A-Z. Connect with curiosity!

Membership Science – April 14, 2020

Share how you science at home! Our members have been busy at home working on science experiments and expanding their curiosity. If you want to share your own moments, submit your videos and photos to We can’t wait to see them. Connect with curiosity!

Singing Goblets

Singing goblets! In this at-home activity, learn how to make musical sounds with just a glass and some water. The key is sound vibrations; as our fingers run along the rim of the glass, the friction causes the glass to vibrate and make the noise that we hear. We can change the noise, or the… Continue reading

Magic? Or is it Science?!

In this at-home lesson, learn how to ‘pull’ off the classic tablecloth magic trick by understanding Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion for an activity that everyone can participate in!