Gateway Legends Esports Competition Hosted by Fair Saint Louis

Support science for our future. Make a gift to the Youth Exploring Science Program today to help power connections to STEAM through efforts like these. The Saint Louis Science Center was proud to participate in the recent Gateway Legends esports competition hosted by Fair Saint Louis and sponsored by Centene Charitable Foundation. Held over the… Continue reading

Motor Annual Magazine January 1931

With over 300 pages of articles, photographs, illustrations, renderings, and advertisements, the Motor Annual Show Number was the premier automotive magazine each year in the early 20th century. Nearly every car manufacturer at the time advertised in these magazines showcasing the newest automobile models on the market. The full color cover illustrates the popularity of… Continue reading

Gyroscope – Japan, ca. 1942

This is a gyroscope for the Japanese Type 93 torpedo, which provided stability and held the torpedo on target. It was kept spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute by the steam used to propel the torpedo, allowing it to maintain direction and stability after launch. The gyroscope had to be durable and precise to… Continue reading

Makerspace Gallery

3D Printing Mask Accessories

Below are time-lapses of each accessory 3d printed in our Makerspace Gallery. The text under each video describes the model and its use so you can download and print your own 3d mask accessories! The original modeler’s information is also included so you can download and print them as well. Antifog Nose Clip This nose… Continue reading

Mars Perseverance : Landing is hard!

After traveling seven months to reach Mars, the Perseverance rover still has to land successfully on the surface of the Red Planet on February 18th. Learn more from NASA Solar System Ambassador John Mackin about what it will take for the rover to make it all the way to Mars, including the “seven minutes of… Continue reading

Radio Receiver – Atchinson, Kansas, ca. 1930

Cathedral style radio receivers began to appear in the 1930s as a much smaller and compact radio design compared to the console and large “coffin” style radios of the 1920s. Steinite Radio Co. produced this four-tube, AM radio about 1930. It features a superheterodyne circuit, a novel invention that made it possible to boost weak… Continue reading

Mars Perseverance : Finding Signs of Ancient Life

Find out how the Perseverance rover will look for signs of ancient life on Mars. John Mackin, NASA Solar System Ambassador shares details about what the rover is looking for on Mars and the unique technology the rover is bringing to the Red Planet’s surface to complete its mission.

Sputnik Ashtray – Russia, 1957

This ashtray commemorates the successful launch of Sputnik-1, the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. Sputnik orbited our planet for three weeks before its batteries died, sending radio signals as it flew low-Earth orbit. Sputnik triggered the Space Race with the US, ushering in a new era of… Continue reading

Green Abalone Shell – Collected from California

This shell comes from a species of large sea snail, the green abalone. The outer brown shell layer has been removed to reveal the beautiful mother-of-pearl underneath. Did you know that the green abalone can live up to 30 years or more? They live in shallow water under rocks, in rock crevices, and other hidden… Continue reading

Collections – Yoda Hand Puppet | Ohio, 1980

Made by Kenner as part of their Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back collection, the Yoda hand puppet (complete with white hair) had a good likeness to the legendary teacher of the Jedi Knights. Just like the puppet from the film, all this hand puppet needed was a helping hand and some imagination to bring… Continue reading