Science Center Reopening Plan for
June 20

Welcome back to your Science Center. To our guests, members and donors, learn about how you can Explore Safe. The Saint Louis Science Center team has been working closely with local authorities, health officials, and the City of St. Louis as we move forward to open the building to you and the community. Our team… Continue reading

Saint Louis Science Center Plans to Reopen June 20

ST. LOUIS, MO – May 27, 2020 – The Saint Louis Science Center today announced its plan to reopen to the public on Saturday, June 20. With the health and well-being of guests and team members in mind, along with the recognition that the Science Center is known for hands-on experiences, the organization has developed… Continue reading

Python Games

What happens to education when nearly everyone is told to stay at home amid a global pandemic? It’s a question many are grappling with as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to disrupt the ways we work, live, and learn. Creating an online course seems like a natural fit for this type of situation, and that’s exactly… Continue reading

Collections – Set of Prosthetic Eyes

Made about 1895, this wooden box contains 50 glass eye prostheses. The set contains eyes with a variety of standard iris colors and shades of sclera, or whites of the eyes. The sizes and shapes vary as well because the set was not made to fit a single person in particular. Sets like this were… Continue reading

Collections Department Overview

Did you know that the Science Center has more than 100,000 artifacts? Check out this video for a look at some of the amazing things that our Collection Department has and be sure to check back every Wednesday as we feature a new artifact from the collection. Connect with curiosity!

A Message to Our Community Regarding COVID-19

Updated May 27, 2020 Saint Louis Science Center Plans to Reopen June 20 March 18, 2020 The Saint Louis Science Center is currently closed until further notice in line with our regional and national leaders’ efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continue to monitor the situation and determine our reopen date… Continue reading

Saint Louis Science Center Precautions Related to COVID-19

The health and safety of our guests, colleagues and community are our highest priority and we are monitoring the situation regarding the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) closely. We are following the CDC recommendations, are in communication with local officials and regional health authorities and will update plans as needed. We are continuing to assess the situation… Continue reading

The Codex Arundel: An Inside Look at Da Vinci, Available to Everyone

Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci made a lasting impact on art and science through his dedicated exploration of topics like mathematics, engineering, anatomy, and more. Over decades, da Vinci collected his handwritten observations in what are known as his codices, or notebooks, which include numerous written examinations and sketches involving subjects spanning nature, mechanical engineering,… Continue reading