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The 3:15 PM STEM Performance at the Energy Stage range on a daily basis. The following performances will rotate through the week.

  • Creepy Chemistry: Combustion! pH! Catalysts! Limiting Reagants! Interact with educators to get to the bottom of these exciting chemical concepts and more in this creepy demonstration!
  • GermBusters: “What is a virus made of? How do masks work? And exactly how does soap and water get rid of viruses? Come find answers to these questions and more at the Energy Stage’s new STEM Performance, “GermBusters!”
  • The Scoop on Poop: Take a trip through the digestive system as we make fake poop on stage! Come on down and get a whiff!
  • It IS Rocket Science: Explore the basic principles of rocket science as this explosive demonstration unfolds!
  • Extreme Weather: What causes weather? Come find out as we discuss the hottest topic for small talk this millennia!
  • Kaboom! Goes the Volcano: Talk tectonics with our terrific terrestrial teachers! Learn about some basic aspects of volcanology and watch a flowing elephant toothpaste volcano!
  • Positively Shocking!: Get subatomic and learn about the fascinating physical phenomena that powers our world—Electricity!
  • Colder Than Ice: How do temperature, pressure, and states of matter relate to one another? Come find out with this cool demo that features Liquid Nitrogen!
  • Fire it UP!: What exactly is fire, and how is it made? This show will intrigue the pyrotechnician in everyone as our educators create spectacular flames and explosions on stage!

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September 24
3:15 pm - 3:45 pm


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