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What is Laclede’s LAN?

Laclede’s LAN is a Saint Louis LAN party group dedicated to building a charity-oriented LAN party community. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers. All of our events raise funds for STEM education (K-12) in the Greater St. Louis Area.

What is a LAN Party?

A LAN party is a in-person gathering of PC and/or console gamers for the purpose of playing multiplayer games. PC or consoles are connected via a Local Area Network, allowing everyone to play as a group. It’s probably the most fun you can have gaming with friends!

In our opinion LAN parties aren’t solely about games. We go to LAN parties to hang out with people who share our interests and are fun to hang out with! The Laclede’s LAN staff largely consists of friends who met at LAN parties; our goal is to give others the opportunity to make new friends as well. That’s why we try to offer more than just tables and cables – we aim to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone: casual or competitive, social or shy, console or PC!

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February 12 @ 8:30 am
February 13 @ 3:30 pm