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Come to our workshop, Maker Classroom to learn amazing new skills and head home with a new creation you made yourself. These workshops are designed as a family activity. Call our box office at 314.289.4400 for more information.

April, May, June Workshops

Little Bits and Droids
Snap together these “bits” and create something amazing. Visitors will be able to build a contraption of their own design or even an R2D2 droid. Come to maker and learn the basics of robotics and coding.

Cardboard Workshop
What can’t you make with cardboard? We supply the materials and you bring your creativity.

Mount Goldberg
In this table top, Rube Goldberg workshop, create a crazy chain reaction to erupt a volcano. This activity is inspired by our new Omnimax film and exhibit; Pompei. So, come by the classroom and see if you can make a track to trigger an eruption.

* Times subject to change</strong?


July 5
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm